Jackson Browne & David Lindley : Love Is strange :En vivo con Tino – CD;Inside Recordings;INR5111-0
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Style : Americana
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Back in 2006 Jackson Browne teamed up with David Lindley (best know as side kick for Warren Zevon, Graham Nash and Ry Cooder amongst others) for a holiday in the sun in Spain. Well a holiday in the Sun is a bit exaggerated but the twosome went to Spain to give some concerts over there! Big Venues and intimate clubs alike both Lindley & Browne extensively toured the Spanish soil. Featuring Browne and Lindley live with celebrated Spanish percussionist Tino di Geraldo this album is due to release worldwide on May 11.

Seventeen tunes spread over two discs features well known tracks like Stay (the Jackson Brown hit from decades ago), “Running On empty”, “Love Is strange”, “Take it Easy” (Original by the Eagles, but here in a Spanish version by Kiko Veneno) amongst lesser known tunes like “Your Bright Baby Blues”, “El Rayo X” (a Lindley Classic) or the “Crow On the Cradle”. While we all know the classics from Brown it are the other tunes that wake my interest! There are some real good blues songs and alternate versions to be found on these discs that you easily can skip the hits! Never the less it are those hits and pop tunes that brought these artists the fame and glory they still have these days!

Love is Strange : en Vivo con Tino is a nice double album that not only reflects on the past but also announce a new tour by the pair in 2010. As expected with David Lindley in your midst there is some great (slide) guitar work to be found on this album in combination with the warm voice of Jackson Browne. Add some local musicians to the set who throw in a handful of Spanish flavors and the picture is perfect. While this is a nice treat for the fans, the occasional lover of Jackson Browne will certainly have a good time with this one as well!

Mr. Blue Boogie