Love Potions And Snake Oil : D.B. Rielly – Cd; Shut Up & Play
Album Kindly submitted by DB Rielly.
Style : Americana
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Love Potions And Snake Oil the Debut album of D.B. Rielly takes his listeners to a nostalgic journey into a previous era, where good music formed the textures of the American Sonic landscape. The opening track on Love Potions And Snake Oil spits out a beautiful Zydeco tune (One of these days) followed by some (Don’t give Up on me) and a terrific ballad (Save all your Kisses) which is in fact also the first radio single for this album. With “I got a Girlfriend” D.B. not only returns to the zydeco genre, but he also shows some sense of humor in his lyrics. “Changed my Mind” and “Got A Mind” throws in some classic blues. “We’re all going straight to hell” borrows from artist like Hank Williams III and shows once more that not everything must be taken to seriously.

D.B. Rieley has various talents when it comes to musical instruments and he certainly masters the Banjo, Accordion and guitar as you can witness on this album. But most important of all is his voice, an unique instrument that keep together all the tracks on this CD. Another fact that can be said about D.B. is that he knows music, as a matter of fact he is music. Through various tunes and the always varying roots genre it quickly becomes clear that Mr. Rielly lives for his music. It is American Roots Music as it should be you’ll find on this album! From Zydeco, to and Blues it is all comprised in this box! And with that said I come to another point that I need to express! Love Potions And Snake Oil is truly an good album with some very good music, but there is more! The Cd is not packed in a standard jewel case, but in a metal box! Think about a metal cigar case. Together with some nice artwork and an inlay the complete set immediately attracts your attention! In a world were everything ends up on a server somewhere in cyberspace, it is truly a good idea to be different and D.B certainly is! Not only musical wise, but also marketing wise! Love Potions And Snake Oil is a keeper for sure.

Mr. Blue Boogie

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