Ride the Wind : Tony McLouglin
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Style : Americana
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This is already the fourth album for this native Irishman who came to play the blues when he was a Birmingham student! After playing in a couple of bands and gigging the pubs with blues, country, bluegrass and even some folk acts Tony found his home in a mix of all these sounds! These days this kind of music gets the moniker Americana but it is worth to check it out and listen for your self cause there is much more to discover into it then what you should expect.

Leading track “You look to me” sounds exactly like Neil Young and also “You look for it all” is something that reminds you of Neil Young with Crazy Horse. Especially the sound of the guitar seems to be “stolen” from to “Cortez The Killer”. The overall sound of this album is blues rock, but once in a while you’ll find some other influences coming up as well. Take for instance “Mothers Son”! This is one of those tunes that is heavily influenced by the country genre. With “Deep under Your Spell” he takes you even on a sidestep into some alt. Blues variation. The sound of an early Tom Petty is seldom far away and on “I Like The way” this easy audible. The sound of Crayz Horse returns once more in “Let The River Run” a Texas based tune.

Amongst this collection of great tunes “Soul Brother, Soul Sister” is one that stands out for its originality. But in general all tunes are equally good on this album that is due to release on august 23. It is certainly not a big secret that “Ride Wind” will rattle the cage and upon listing to it you will easily understand why this is! For about 40 minutes long Mr. McLouglin takes you on a easy ride with tunes you simply can’t deny! This is truly a hell of an album! This august, Tony McLouglin is on tour in Germany and some parts of Europe, if he stops by in Belgium I’ll hope to catch him for sure.

Mr. Blue Boogie.

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