Steve Elmer Trio : Jazz Life : CD
Album Kindly Submitted by Steve Elmer
Style : Jazz
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Steve Elmer is a Jazz pianist/composer from the New York area. He is an expressive and creative musician of growing acclaim that plays Jazz in a more or less classic way. Most important is the tune, then he starts to improvise and makes it swing. His music is clean, yet hard and combines bop and hard bop. The often hard hitting style, that follows closely the rhythm section (Hide Tanaka on Bass and Shingo Okudaira on drums) might be explained by the fact that Elmer originally chose drums as his instrument. The love for the piano came only when he was in his mid twenties, still he knows the importance of a good rhythm section and never or seldom improvises far away from the foundations of his trio.

For Jazz Life Steve Elmer choose seven self-penned compositions that were recorded live at Cleopatra’s Needle on June 10, 2010. The sound is cohesive and when you listen closely to his music it becomes clear that Elmer has a lot to say, even without using lyrics. Each tune is a story or book on itself that is read out in front of you. On many occasions it becomes obvious he knows how to swing and after all that’s often the most important thing in Jazz Music.

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