Crispy Jones / Black Cat Bone Sqaud : Almost Home - Split CD; Apocalyptic Production Records.
Album Kindly submitted by the BCBS.
Style : Rockabilly
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First band on this split CD is the German rockabilly band Crispy Jones! Acoustic guitars, slappin’ bass and rolling drums! Hailing from Nurnberg, the band presents 5 tracks on what used to be the first side of an album. Leading track “Almost home” shows you what it is all about. Nice and easy tunes, with a high sing along quality. Influences from classic hillbilly and Rock and Roll are mixed with punk and ska into a sound that is highly addictive. On the Run, is one of those tracks including a lot of ska influences. This of course brings a total other sound to the front but even here, you hear the early fifties atmosphere. Everything is well produced and the songs are truly high quality recordings. Definitely keep an eye out for this band, they certainly have bright future with their songs and unique sound.

Second band on this split album is the Flemish Black Cat Bone Sqaud. A much rawer sound and less authentic but still highly addictive if you ask me! The BCBS is certainly not unknown to the aficionados of Billybop. We had them before on Billybop with their Palace of oddities and the band was even a guest on one of our own Billybop Sundays years ago. Once more five tracks are presented here. “Johnny Ska” is a nice mix of trash and blues, including some polka influences. “Truck Driver” tends to lean to country at moments and is one of the better tunes on the record. Closing the album is the octane injected “Monsters R Go”. Energetic, fast and creepy, what more do you expect.

Mr. Blue Boogie