The Thrill Of A Kill
A Film by Lars Erik Lie
DVD submitted by FilmFreaks
Look Out for the flashbacks and great Surf Music.

Well there is something to be said for amateur films! Sure they aren’t as good as any studios B-film. They are definitely not as polished as any common film and of course these films don’t bear any big named actors…however, they do have one big thing in favour: Most of them are made without the constant breath of some big producers in the filmmakers neck. The Thrill of Kill is exactly what I described here above. The idea’s aren’t that unique. Plot follows a path that is not only beaten but totally worn out as well and to top that everyone involved hasn’t been in a film yet.

That said, you know hat to expect! A Low budget, low class horror flick with some occasional nudism, tons of fake blood and old school FX. Enter The Thrill of a Kill.
The plot is a basic storyline. Kimsy runs away from home after another fight with her mother. To cool off she runs into the woods where she meets a seemingly friendly photographer after she’s been attacked. Here cloths are hanging from the trees while Kimsy is stripped down nude! With a big bang on her head she can’t remember anything at all but the photographer is willing to help her. Kimsy doesn’t know (but we do know it immediately) the photographer is the evildoer and he does play with his victims before taking them to his home. Meanwhile Kimsy’s mother and her sister Camilla are on the lookout for her. Mom & daughter do find the evildoers den and when they finally manage to get in to rescue Kimsy, the mother is killed! Left alone in this evil place Camilla has to save Kimsy from a not so pleasant future.

Before the main plot starts running we do get a somewhat artistic dream sequence of zombie like creatures and during the film we are treated on flashbacks (some of them rather funny) of the harsh youth of the serial killer. These flashbacks aren’t only funny at times but they are always accompanied by good surf and modern rockabilly music.
I nice treat as I said. Claiming that you have to see this picture is a bit to much but if you are a fan of the BUT film festival in Breda or our own BUTRR section at Razor Reel then this is definitely your poison.

--- Pat --

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