Woensdag, Gehaktdag (translated: Wednesday, Minced Meat Day)
Info submitted by Just Publishers
After years of being rejected by almost every publisher, Just Publishers in the Netherlands will finally distribute the Dutch-made horror story "Woensdag Gehaktdag".

This book is written by the infamous Richard Klinkhamer, he had already made some controversy with books like the 1983 "Gehoorzaam als een hond" (translated: Obedient as a dog), followed by "De hotelrat en andere verhalen(translated: The hotelrat and other stories).

Klinkhamer killed his wife on January the 30th in 1991. When his wife Hannelore Godfrinon disappeared, the police were suspicious about Richard Klinkhamer, who reported her missing and searched his house. They only took away some artifacts, finding no proof to charge him. One of the items they took was a tiny mincer! Neighbors who saw this item, which amongst others was being taken out of the house, started to tell the gruesome tale of Richard having minced his wife.

3 months after the disappearance of Hannie Godfrinon, Klinkhamer started to write a horror novel, supposedly based on the tales of the neighborhood. It was no confession, but as usual with his novels, they were based on facts from his life. Meanwhile Klinkhamer was building a man-sized monument in his garden with animal skulls and bones (and maybe some human remains as well, who knows...) and if asked about the mincer he smiled mysteriously.

Nine years later the remains of Hannie Godfrinon were found under the garden shed of Klinkhamerís garden shed. The new owners who came across the horrible discovery call in the police and Klinkhamer was arrested. He immediately makes a confession and is send to prison, only to be released 3 years later, because the cells were overcrowded.

The story was certainly macabre and bizarre enough to attract enough attention, nevertheless for years publishers refused to bring out this murder story, due to the harsh reality. As far as rumors go, there's also been talk of a film script with the same name based on the true facts of the Godfrinon murder. Directors would be Jan Doense and Wijo Koek, however Iím not sure if the project is still alive.

Just publishers is young publishing company from the Netherlands and has specialized in the combination of books and DVDís, called Picturebooks. The book (no DVD added here) will be available from October the 3rd on and is only available in Dutch, however since KlinkhamerĎs work is better known abroad chances are real that an English translation will follow.

--- Pat ---

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