Emanuelle in Bangkok (aka Emanuelle Nera: Orient Reportage)
Directed by Joe DíAmato
Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is a reporter on assignment in Thailand, hence the title. There she meets with the nephew of the king to arrange an interview with the Thai king. Visiting the country she sees most of the sites, encounters a monogamous couple and introduces them to a variety of sexual experiences. Towards the end of her stay Emanuelle is accused of plotting to overthrow the king and raped by a group of thugs as some sort of warning. Her passport and camera are stolen and she flees to Marocco. In Marocco Emanuelle falls in love with the ambassadorsí daughter.

Thereís not much of a story here. Instead there are various smaller plots and adventures, yet thereís always something going on. The movie has superb location shooting so much so even that "Emanuelle in Bangkok" sometimes comes of as a travelogue instead of a sexploitation film. There is plenty of nudity though as Emanuelle sets out on one sexual adventure after the other. The sex scenes, mostly lesbian in nature, are short and thus never boring. But now and then they seem a little bit too short to be entirely satisfying. For a film directed by Díamato there is not to much kinky stuff going on, implied or otherwise. Emanuelle is more a pamphlet for free love and travelling than anything else.
As always Gemser radiates eroticism and the rest of the cast among which Gabrielle Tinti do a good job as well. But the true star of the film is itís director Joe DíAmato who made an especially visually striking entry in the series.
"Emanuelle in Bangkok" is an entertaining outing in the Emanuelle Nera series and heartedly recommended.

Despite some minor print damage the print of this Severin-films release looks excellent. As extraís there is the trailer and a 12 minute interview with DíAmato. The interview is actually 3 short interviews filmed at Eurofest 1995. And although some questions are repeated and Joe Dí Amato avoids some other questions it is a delight to see any footage of the Italian director. The interview is preceded by Severin-films warning that the footage has substandard audio and video quality and is only included because itís one of the directors final public appearances. The quality is however more than adequate and some portions are subtitled to make sure you donít miss anything.

The picture is part of Severinís Emanuelle Nera box part one. Also present in the box are "Sister Emanuelle" and "Emanuelle around the world". The box is an excellent release from Severin-films a company which is fast becoming the label for sexploitation. Severin films is not merely content with slapping a worn print on a DVD. Instead they give their releases the necessary care and attention.

ountry: Italy
aspect ratio 1.85:1
region 0


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