Blue Paradise (aka Adamo ed Eva, la prima storia d’amore) Directed by: Enzo Doria and Luigi Russo First released in 1983
"God created man, Adam (Mark Gregory). Adam was lonely so God created woman to keep him company. But Eve (Andrea Goldman) was not content in paradise so she bit from the forbidden fruit and gets Adam to do the same. After they get thrown out of paradise they search for a place to start anew. On their journey they face hostile tribes, grave weather conditions and carnivorous animals.

Despite what one might expect from a film that is trying to cash in on the success of “Blue Lagoon” there is actually nothing erotic about “Blue Paradise”. First off there is no rampant nudity in the film. Not that eroticism always requires loads of nudity. But if Adam and Eve know no shame and above all no clothes, you can hardly have hair scenery branches and such obscure the view (almost) all of the time. Well apparently you can and they did. Which makes for a lot of unintentionally funny moments. The movie isn’t completely devoid of nudity though and in contrast to Andrea Goldman we do get to see quite a lot of Gregory who seems very much at ease with it.

Once they have eaten from the apple, Adam and Eve don’t so much discover sexuality as just get it over with, leaving the audience wondering whether they did have sex. Immediately after being expelled from paradise Adam and Eve turn into an old married couple constantly bickering over the slightest of grievances again to comical effect. Intentional or not, probably not, there is a lot of fun to be had with “Blue Paradise”.
The film has some really bad special effects. Had the film been 20 years older this would have been nostalgic but being from the eighties it’s more comical.

But the film has a lot more to offer than a few laughs. There is the usual use of stock footage but for the most part it’s well shot adding to rather than detracting from the value of the film. “Blue Paradise” has some decent cinematography making optimal use of some impressive locations. It’s this visual flair combined with a mind-boggling script that keeps it all intriguing. There are some strong scenes with decent make up as well. Especially the horrific fight sequence between two hostile tribes. Not counting the dated pop songs, the soundtrack by Guido and Maurizio De Angelis is nothing short of impressive and undoubtedly one of the highlights of the film.

As far as the acting goes it’s hard to judge considering the outlandishness of the characters. Gregory is at times very intense, and although this would remain his only non action-movie he somehow appears to be better suited for these more passionate parts. Andrea is properly alluring which is probably the extent of her requirements when she was cast for the part.

The audience doesn’t have to fear being converted to creationism. But “Blue Paradise” is an entertaining way to spend an evening. Don’t expect too much nudity or violence because you will probably be disappointed. Instead you can expect a visually striking oddity with some unintentional humour. Love it or hate it, “Blue paradise” certainly is an experience, and if you get a chance you should check it out.

There is a VHS release but again no DVD/Blu-Ray release in sight which is a pity because “Blue Paradise” could really benefit from a decent release!


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