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The year is 1962, the director is Doris Wishman & the star of the film goes by the name of Blaze Starr. You really don’t need more information to know you're dealing with a cult classic from the grind house era! With a paper thin plot, wall to wall nudity (carefully filmed, not showing any pubic hair or male sexes) and the incredibly witty skills of Mrs Wishman to shoot a film on a shoestring budget there is really no need for anything else! Take my advice the combination of Blaze Starr and Doris Wishman was enough to create a classic movie! While this film is totally dated and not reprehensive by any means it is still a cult classic and a much wanted movie amongst collectors! But there is more, the film is loaded with half naked women and the adoration for life in your birthday suit. This film is without doubt the best promotion film ever made for the alternative lifestyle!

Blaze Starr is a successful model that has an affaire with her manager! Although she loves the man he is quite possessive and that’s something that Blaze can’t handle. To escape from her future husband and the pressure from work, Blaze goes into a local theatre where she finds out about a nudist resort not that far away! Baffled by the tranquillity and the peace that she sees in the documentary, Blaze goes searching for the colony and becomes a member! What follows is a promotion film for nudism alternated with a meagre love story!
Charmed by the resort director Andy Young (from the sixties pop duo Sandler and Young) Blaze falls head over heels in love with the man only to find out that her fiancé Tony followed her to spoil the fun for Blaze!

Not yet as incredibly strange as the Amazing Transplant and with half the size of Deadly Weapons “Blaze Starr Goes Nudist” was the fifth nudist flick for Doris Wishman in a row! Three more would follow before she begun on some more extravagant film making and started to work on movies like “Bad Girls Go to Hell” and “A Taste of Flesh”. “Blaze Starr Goes Nudist” is of course a double cult bill! Not only is the film shot by Doris Wishman, the film also stars the redheaded buxom bombshell stripper Blaze Star, who at the height of her career made over 1500$ a week taking of her clothes. This feature furthermore includes exploitation actors like Sandra Sinclair (The beast that killed women, Blood Feast, Scum of the earth), Allison Louise Downe (Bunny Yeager’s Nude Camera, Babes in the Woods), a series of extra's and stuntman Jim Antonio (Columbo, American Gothic, Boston Legal). "Blaze Starr Goes Nudist" just can’t be absent in your cult movie collection!

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4:3 * 75 Min. * Regio All * 1962/2009 * English * extra's : trailer show, short nudie cutie wiht Blaze Starr, Doris Wishman exploitation art.

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