Todd Adelman & Country Mile : Time Will Tell – CD;PLM 1106
Album kindly submitted by Micheal J Media
Style : Country
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Time Will Tell is the sixth album of Todd Adelman & Country Mile, an album that echoes the musical sounds and qualities of Gram Parsons, Jerry Jeff Walker, Townes Van Zandt & Robert Earl Keen to name but a few. Produced by singer songwriter Jeff Finlin, Time Will Tell certainly is one of those albums that we will cherish over time.

Being a singer-songwriter means that you turn daily events into songs. Closing tune “Wild Women, Whiskey & Weed” was written when Todd and his friend Michael Bank undertook a road trip to Kansas. “All My Tears” was inspired by a story he overheard and “Underdog” was written after he read the biography of Bruce Springsteen. “Not Sure What Scares Me More” is about (American) politics these days while “My Town Too” is about mountain living. The list goes on and for every tune on this record; Todd has a story that comes from his daily routine, live or observations of these. Like his previous albums, Time Will Tell is not genre bounded. It has a lot of country, but also comes with tons of other styles and genres. It’s like tuning in into an old radio station, where you can hear a blend of folk, rock & country but no commercials or modern beats.

Time Will Tell is truly a nice album, but Todd does have one problem. He is used to record good stuff and make good albums all of the time that it’s hard to claim that Time Will Tell is better then the previous one. So I’ll just keep it simple and says, it is without doubt as good as the all the previous ones. Everyone knowing what I’m talking about knows this is a bold statement to make.

Mr Blue Boogie.