Anabel and the Rock-a-bells: The Big A – CD;Thousand Records,1000CD-018
Kindly submitted by Carlos A del Bosque
Style : Rockabilly
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The “Big A” is of course referring to Miss Anabel Moreno the leading lady of Anabel and the Rock-a-bells. And I guess you can easily say Miss Moreno is indeed the big A. Generally known as the Rockabilly queen of Spain, this leading lady of authentic Rock and Roll and Rockabilly certainly has proven she is worth the titles. Anabel started out back in the eighties with a band called Los Tornados. By the nineties Anabel and her new band “The Loneshots” was the first Spanish band to gig on Hemsby and when that band also broke up, Anabel got in touch with some old friends and formed Anabel and the Rock-a-bells. Mixing originals from people like Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee or Patsy Clinewith self penned songs the band easily put on an energetic and wild live show every time they are onstage.

Together with Jose Maneul Iglesias, Carlos A. Del Bosque and Carlos Ivan Vela, Anabel Moreno takes on 12 tunes full of rocking music. The cover version of Tiger (originally Nino Tempo) was one of the most surprising tunes on the album and is certainly one that became a favorite of mine. Another nice tune is “4 times 4” the opening track of this album written by Carlos A Del Bosque. Although completely instrumental this tune is without doubt the right choice to open for the Rock-a-belles. “Feelin’ in my Heart” and “I try” are two Anabel Moreno originals of which “I try” was included in the “The Rock Around the EEC vol.1” compilation that was earlier released by Empire Records.

Apart from this album Anabel and the Rock-a-bells also made a split 7” with the instro band “Los Derrumbes”, but the Big A is indeed the one an only debut for Anabel and her new band. From what I heard on this record I certainly hope this band comes touring in Belgium one of these days and if not, then I expect a least a dozen more tunes on a new album in the near feature! Shazam!!!

Mr. Blue Boogie