After 10 years Werner De Cock (aka Cockie) decided to stop slapping that bass. We will miss our buddy.
Pieter Van Stichel will take his place. Our dear friend Pieter has filled in for Cockie over the past years
and is doing a great job.
We would like to welcome the new Bandit, and wish him all the best and lot's of fun.

BIG BAYOU BEER (cajun spiced)

Our dear friend "Johan Brandt", who runs a small but well respected brewery "Smiske", decided
to brew a new and special beer. You might think, what is so special about someone
brewing beer in belgium, don't they have enough already. No we don't, because this time he
brewed a SPICY BEER.
A refreshing tasty beer with a spicy bite !!!!
We are very honored for being named godfather of this delicious brewage.

Read the whole article (in dutch)

Second place at "Cajun & Zydeco Award 2009"

"Big Bayou Bandits" has been elected as second best cajun band in europe at the "Cajun & Zydeco Award 2009". We would like to thank everyone for voting and support you all have given us during the last years.
Cajun & Zydeco Award 2009 - website

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