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Yves Messany
Vocals - Ukelele - Accordeon

Bandit Yves Messany (a.k.a. “Yvieboy”) has always been a fanatic of rockabilly and roots music. He traveled around the Southern states to supply his musical interests. Since the day he came in touch with Cajun music & culture, this bandit’s “joie de vivre” grew to a very high point...
Leopard Luke
Jean-Luc Messany
Vocals - Guitar

Long John
Jan Schelpe
Vocals - Mandolin

Once a heavy gauge stringed guitar beatin' Surfabilly player Long John debutated couple a years ago in a local band in his home town area in country's most Western outskirts ('The Flanders' Fields where the poppies blow'). The band however broke up in their heydays, only three months after their founding so Long John got back into sipping single malt whisky, listening to roots music and getting acquaintanced with some Bandits from the Big Bayou. Not even owning a mandolin when Smokey signed him up as the Mountaineer mandolin player, a basic crash course and some booze inspired words of wisdom worked out just fine...
Guy Winne

Bandit Guy Winne (a.k.a. “Smokey Swamps”) is a very dangerous string-picker. Not a single string is safe with this bandit in the neighborhood! This natural born musician was born as blues brother and raised with roots music. With his technical knowledge he can make a snare instrument out of an alligator, using the tail as electricity cable.
Werner De Cock
Double Bass

Bandit Werner De Cock (a.k.a. “Cockie” or “Cocos”) is even more dangerous playing his double bass than driving his truck. He came into the rockabilly world like a hurricane. This high-blooded bandit (with a heart of candy cake) puts all his energy and feeling on his double bass.

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