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The Mean Mountaineers ... Bluegrass from the heart of Belgium
Howdy Friends, Kinfolks & Neighbors!

Pull up your britches, guzzle down a bottle of that good old moonshine, saddle your horse and please join us for a heel-kickin’, paint-peelin’, hotter-than-a-possum-makin’-love-in-a-wool-sock bluegrass hoedown, straight out of the backwoods of the Wild West (of Belgium, that is). Yep, pardner, these rootin’-tootin’, footstompin’ barnyard hillbillies will leave you howlin’ & hollerin’ like a mad dog in a meathouse.

It all started on a sweaty & sunny day. The cows were chewin’ tobacco in the field, the birds were singin’ somethin’ that sounded like a lazy version of “Sugarfoot Rag” and the Big Bayou Bandits (Uncle Eef, Cousin Cockie & Smilin’ Smokey) were guzzlin’ down bottles of beer & whisky while listenin’ to the sweet sounds of Bill Monroe and Grandpaw Jones and Flatty & Scruggie…. Suddenly they exclaimed simultaneously: “Why not widen the range of our musical inspiration into oldtime, hillbilly & bluegrass territory?”. Uncle Eef added: “I swear & I declare, let’s swap the Louisiana lowlands for the Appalachian Mountains!”. Cockie & Smokey didn’t get exactly what he was talkin’ about, but it sounded like music to their ears . And they opened another bottle of brew. And another one. And another one. And almost another one when sharp-witted Smokey decided to call up some of his old buddies to round out the combo because he knew darn-tootin’ well you can’t play no such music with only three players on duty. That’s how Lucky Luke joined the outfit with his git-along guitar and Long John with his mellow mandolin.

From now on, together & united, they will deliver the goods at your local barndance as THE MEAN MOUNTAINEERS. They ain’t mean (‘cept for Cousin Cockie), and they ain’t no mountaineers either (‘cept for Luke, who lives in a shack on a stumpy little hill), but they couldn’t come up with a better name, so grin & bear it.

Y’All Come To The Ball? See You Soon, Baboon!

The Mean Mountaineers


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