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The Gang

It all started a few years ago when Jan and Andrew met at a Roots-Sunday event in Oostkamp.
Jan was looking to start a new band where he could slap his brains out and Andrew was looking
for a new ambitious twist in his long musical carreer. They hooked up and found they got along very well.
They contacted Guy with their ideas, who was in for some new winds an influences.
After a few reheasals of trying to find out in which direction they wanted to go, the feeling for western
swing burned the heart out in all three of them.
The heavy rhythmic slappin' of Jan Was breathtaking, but the band needed also some subtle
brush-strokes to get that swing feeling. They started to look for a drummer, but this was
easier said than done.
After nearly giving it a day Andrew found Dirk, an experienced big-band drummer with a heart of gold.

Now there's no stopping them ...

Lead vocals - Guitar - Kazoo
Backing vocals - Double Bass
Lapsteel - Guitar
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