The Band

Sugar Cane Combo arose as a Phenix from the ashes of Moonrunner, a 10 year old western swing band with a huge international reputation.
After the unexpected passing away of our vocalist Andrew and out of respect for him, we thought the time was ripe for something different. But not entirely different because our hearts will always belong to the first decades of the 20th century. We first looked for a clarinet player, to get that sweet 1920's feeling, but it turned out that clarinet players are hard to find. So our plan B was a vocalist with a guitar. Sander, a dear friend of ours, who was in between bands, was enthousiastic to give it a try. While talking during a smoke and drink break at the first rehearsal he noted casually that he had a clarinet gathering up dust in his attic, that hadn't been touched for years! So we urged him to blow out the dust and he's been blowing ever since.

Sugar Cane Combo was born...

Sander Vandamme
Vocals, Clarinet, Guitar
Guy Winne
Guitar, Lapsteel
Jan Lambrecht
Vocals, Double Bass
Dirk Vlaeminck