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Easy Ed’s Variety Hour This Friday (The Online-Only Edition)
Greetings friends.

WMFO is about to have its FM transmission rebuilt. (The bands are slipping.) So for the next few weeks we will be broadcasting online only. But we will be broadcasting! You can continue to catch your favorite ‘MFO shows (or mine) online at wmfo.org. You can also listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO). I’ll let you know when the FM broadcast is back in action.

So, despite this minor setback, “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour” will be back this Friday, June 24, with two hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll!

**When: Friday, July 24, at 6:00 PM Eastern
**Where: www.wmfo.org or iTunes  ... continue reading

Added : 22/7/2009
Paul Bato jr – Ace Cafe 19 july 2009
The third year in a row that this Slovenian Bluesman is back at the Ace Cafe. Normally this is a one man show, but this year he brought along his future son in law, to accompany him on piano.
This meant a great addition to his music, normally it’s just him on guitar, vocals and mouth harp.
Olav ( the pianist) amazed us with his piano playing, his hands moved up and down the black and white keys with such speed and virtuosity. The turnout last night was good, a lot of people there that we didn’t seen there before. Some guys that might not have been in the best condition, one even fell asleep on the toilet before the show began, apparently  ... continue reading

Added : 20/7/2009
Rockabilly Roundup 18 juli 2009 De Mortel ( NL )
The reason we left the Vintage meeting a bit earlier was this planned trip to out Northern neighbors. For the third year in a row, John & Lucy and Koen & Christel organized this festival and it was something we couldn’t miss out on. Although we heard in the afternoon from Marcel that it was hell to get there and that rain was pouring down in Holland, we couldn’t be stopped and started the engine around 21.30. Unfortunately his warning about the roads were true, some idiot found it necessary to close down the off ramp we needed. So after a detour of about one hour we finally arrived at our destination. We were greeted at the entrance by Lucy,  ... continue reading

Added : 20/7/2009
Antwerp Vintage meeting 18 juli 2009
Last Saturday the new and improved AVM took place in “ Fort 2” at Wommelgem. Previous years this has been an oldtimer meeting organized by The VCCB, but this year’s edition was extended with some rockabilly bands entertaining the audience. After a long and exhausting drive, which took us about 15 min, we arrived at the Fort around 12 o’clock. We paid the entrance fee and drove into the central square of the fortress. Parked our cars in line with the rest of the customs, originals and hot rods.
The Fortress is an excellent place to hold meetings like this. Big, open air, huge parking space, a loading dock where a stage was improvised on, little  ... continue reading

Added : 20/7/2009
Rockin Henri ( in Dutch)
Beste Rock & Roll-liefhebbers,

Rockin' Henri heeft de ultieme kans om als songwriter een bijdrage te leveren aan de
(professionele) muziekwereld. Zijn doel is om de (indo)rock & roll/rockabilly uit te
dragen op een professioneel mondiaal niveau (dat gedomineerd wordt door pop muziek).

Daarom doe ik mee aan een songwriter contest van Buma/Stemra, waarbij ik ben
aangesloten. De hoofdprijs die te winnen is, is een ingang in de professionele
muziekwereld. Tien deelnemers kunnen deze fantastische prijs winnen. Rock & Roll en
Rockabilly moeten teruggebracht worden naar het hoogste niveau! Een deel wordt
beoordeeld  ... continue reading

Added : 20/7/2009
Shim Sham Trio @ Ace Cafe
Another night at the Ace Cafe. On stage this time a Belgian band with some familiar faces. Selim ( ex rocka-t-bones & Little Kim and the Alley Apple three) on Bass, Tom ( ex rocka-t-bones & Little Kim and the Alley Apple three) on guitar and Hans on vocals and rhythm guitar. With a line up like that you can except that the Musical skills of this band was high. Selim is just awesome on that double bass. Tom moves across the fingerboard of his old time guitar with such ease. The back line of this band were all amps that most of us would just die to have one. These guys play old school rockabilly, played like it was 50 years ago. When we told them  ... continue reading

Added : 14/7/2009
Grasshopper newsletter
Newsletter July 2009

** Time to send you a brand new newletter at the beginning of our summer vacation ! We still want to thank everybody who was involved in organising the latest, succesfull edition of Rockin' Around Turnhout ! Please check our website and visit our history page where you can find some amazing pictures ! www.rockinaroundturnhout.be/history.asp

In a short time from now, we start already organising our next anniversary edition on April 2nd, 3th, 4th and 5th 2010 ! Mark these dates already in your agenda's so you can be part of the hottest, most rockin' edition  ... continue reading

Added : 9/7/2009
Easy Ed’s Variety Hour This Friday (7/10)
Hey, everyone.

Comin’ your way: Another episode of “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour”—two hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll! I’ve got tons of great stuff lined up to play for you, but do send in your requests and I’ll do my best to play them!

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday, July 10, at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Can't listen while the show is airing? Just go to www.easy-ed.net and download archived MP3s of past episodes whenever you like.

Boston-area folks, be sure to put this one on your  ... continue reading

Added : 9/7/2009
Debut of "Be Bop A Lula" in UK
Be Bop A Lula, the full‐length play, is inspired by the true facts of Cochran and Vincent’s famous English tour in 1960, taking place in their hotel room in a small town between Manchester and Liverpool on the night when Eddie is reported to have had a premonition of his early death two weeks later in a car crash at the age of 21.

The play was written by Rex Weiner and first produced in 1991 at Mark Mahoney's Shamrock Tattoo on 3rd St. in Los Angeles. Audience demand moved the play to the Coconut Teazer nightclub on the Sunset Strip, and then to Theatre/Theater in Hollywood for an extended run in 1992, produced by British pop star  ... continue reading

Added : 9/7/2009
It's Ritchie Valens Day in L.A.
The City Council declared Friday Ritchie Valens Day in Los Angeles as the Grammy Museum at L.A. Live opened a special exhibit marking the 50th anniversary of the death of the legendary rock pioneer.

Relatives of the teenage singing sensation from Pacoima who was killed in a 1959 plane crash were present at ceremonies at which officials said Valens had become an inspiration to young Latinos, including the Chicano rock movement.

"The life of Ritchie Valens is more than just about a rock 'n' roll legend," said Councilman Richard Alarcon, whose district includes Pacoima. "More importantly, Ritchie presents to our young people  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.dailynews.com/news/ci_12751331
Added : 7/7/2009
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