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Radio Modern CD releaseparty
Today itís the habit that every organization that deals with Music, releases a cd. Ergo Radio Minerva or dj Atís Crazy Record Hop. Radio Modern has joined that wagon and on Sunday 14th June their 3 cdís came onto the market. I canít tell you much about the cd yet, cause I havenít bought him yet. A slight miscalculation in my budget ( I just gave my daughter her weekly money), mind my cash flow wasnít good. I have been told that it contains a lot of songs by bands that have been a guest at Radio Modern. Iíll be buying it pretty soon. When I look at the gig Radio Modern has hosted in the past, it becomes clear that they are multi talented. A streetgig  ... continue reading

Added : 3/7/2009
Radio Show/Hillbilly and Rockabilly at the Midway
Hey, everyone.

ďEasy Edís Variety HourĒ swerves your way again this week. Tune in Friday evening and enjoy two honkiní hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll!

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (June 26) at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Can't listen while the show is airing? No problem. Just go to www.easy-ed.net and download archived MP3s of past episodes whenever you like. And donít forget to send your requests to dj_easy_ed@yahoo.com.

In other news:

Also on June 26: Iíll be hosting  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 26/6/2009
Alley to honor Wanda Jackson proposed in Oklahoma City
Recent Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Wanda Jackson could soon have an alley in Oklahoma City named in her honor.
The Oklahoma City Council has proposed dubbing the unnamed alley "Wanda Jackson Way." The alley runs parallel to the canal in the Bricktown entertainment district, just to the south.

An ordinance proposing the honor was introduced Tuesday, and the City Council is scheduled to vote on it July 21.

Jackson would follow rock band The Flaming Lips in having an alley named after her. All of the actual streets in Bricktown are already named after Oklahomans such as baseball players Mickey Mantle, Johnny Bench and  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.newsok.com/alley-to-honor-wanda-jackson-proposed-in-oklahoma-city/article/3380040?custom_click=headlines_widget
Added : 26/6/2009
Although most reports on Billybop are about Rockabilly music, I find it enlightening to get into another music style as well, namely Blues music. This type of music was relatively unknown to me, till a few years ago. I always considered it to be rather monotone and kind of nagy. But as I learned more about it, it started to interested me. Letís no forget that thereís a small line between blues and Rockíníroll, and that many Rockíníroll artist got their inspiration from blues music. The weather was good so we headed to Hamme. Fried Bourbon is a band, that I first saw at a blues festival in Limburg and since have seen quiet a few times. They originated  ... continue reading

Added : 26/6/2009
"Black Cate Bone Squad" CD-release, June 13 2009
What a great day, a lot of people showed up to see the wild roots-rockers of BCBS - Everybody (or at least a whole lot of people) seemed to be curious about the first CD (palace of oddities) BCBS had to offer.
The band was wild, hot and steamin' to present it live.
All the songs on the CD (and more) where played live for an enthousiastic public. A few songs that passed the live set: Truck driver, Evil farmer, Old Bob, Pretty thing (with guest performance of Johnny trash's guitar player 'beireke'), Mephisto's blues, Palace of oddities, Billy Badass (with guest performance: Mel - Beireke's sister) .
We've heard a bit of every thing,  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.blackcatbonesquad.com
Added : 15/6/2009
Radio Modern Record
Ladies and gents,

We've already told you about the surprise we had for you. And now
it's here! The ABC of Swing will be presented to you this Sunday 14th
of June at the Gildenhuis in Melle. Read all about it here (
) and make sure you scroll down for our wonderful moving pictures
advertisement. Order your copy of the cd by emailing

Come see us next week in the Beursschouwburg (
http://www.radiomodern.be/index.php/pages/calendar/2009/06/20/ ) in
Brussels on June 20th, where we'll be having a ball  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.radiomodern.be/index.php/pages/calendar/radio_modern_in_je_huiskamer/
Added : 14/6/2009
Easy Edís Variety Hour
Hey, everyone.

ďEasy Edís Variety HourĒ will hit the airwaves (and Ďnet waves) once again this week. Tune in Friday evening and catch two large hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll!

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (6/12) at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Can't listen while the show is airing? Just go to www.easy-ed.net and download archived MP3s of past episodes whenever you like. Send your requests to dj_easy_ed@yahoo.com.

In other news: On June 26 Iíll be hosting a Rockabilly and Hillbilly  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 10/6/2009
Plaza renamed in honor of legend Bo Diddley
Kicking off a weekend full of events in honor of the late rock 'n' roll legend Bo Diddley, a new mural was unveiled downtown Friday night as part of the official ceremony renaming Gainesville's downtown plaza the Bo Diddley Community Plaza.

Robby Rucker, artist of the mural and previous owner of Festival Sign in Gainesville, presented the painting in front of hundreds of onlookers, including residents of Archer, where Diddley lived.

"I designed it. We based it on an existing mural in the downtown plaza which Festival Sign Service made. We just took that down and redid it with three new portraits of Bo Diddley, and of course  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.gainesville.com/article/20090606/articles/906061012/1002
Added : 10/6/2009
Concert review, The Baboons & Howlin Bill @ Petrol, Friday 8 May 2009
Sorry Walter, finally got round to it.

Although initially Blues didnít appeal to me, through the course of years Iíve learn to appreciated this style of music more and more. He who broadens his horizons, become more man.
Letís not forget that this type of music made a huge contribution to RockíníRoll.
This time the gig was held in ď De PetrolĒ in Antwerp. Iíve not been there before so I imagined, judging by the name, a bunker with shipcontainers on either side and the fragrance of petrol. Itís near the docks. Rooms like ď Het Kursaal in TurnhoutĒ and ďHof Ter Lo in BorgerhoutĒ, Iíve always found them unpleasant, to mood less  ... continue reading

Added : 9/6/2009
Goezot, Roots in t Hofke 06062009
Saturday it was time again to head out to Oud-Turnhout for another edition of Roots in Het Hofke.
We arrived there at 2 oíclock in the afternoon, cause I defiantly didnít wanne miss out on the first band, The Moonlight Cruisers. Tom Reckless told me about them and what a great show they put on. So when they got on stage I must admit that he was defiantly right. The Moonlight Cruisers are a band form L.A., They play a mixture of Cumbia and Rockabilly. So this is what you would call a party band, therefore it was a bit of a surprise that they were booked as the opening band, a place further up the evening would have suited them better. The  ... continue reading

Added : 8/6/2009
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