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Dita Von Teese will perform at Eurovision
Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese will appear at this year's Eurovision Song Contest as part of the German entry. She will join Alex Christensen and Oscar Loya on stage for their performance of 'Miss Kiss Kiss Bang'.

Von Teese told German newspaper Bild: "I hope that our collaboration will win!"

The final of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 16 at the Olympic Indoor Arena in Moscow, Russia.

The band, which includes German producer and musician Alex Christensen and American Broadway performer Oscar Loya, will perform their song “Miss Kiss Kiss Bang,” which they’ve described as a mix of pop and swing.

Von  ... continue reading

Added : 3/5/2009

Townes Van Zandt is the best songwriter in the whole world and I'll stand on Bob Dylan's
coffee table in my cowboy boots and say that.” - Steve Earle (1995)

Steve Earle is set to release Townes, his highly anticipated follow up to the Grammy Award winning album Washington Square Serenade, on May 12th via New West
Records. The 15-song set is comprised of songs written by Earle’s friend and mentor, the late singersongwriter, Townes Van Zandt. Townes will also be available as a deluxe two-CD set, as well as double Limited Edition 180 gram vinyl.

More info on this record will be soon online in the CD  ... continue reading

Added : 29/4/2009
SINS @ Oktoberhallen Wieze, April 25 & 26
We ordered our tickets well in advance, thanx Roeland for the use of PayPal.
So on Saturday afternoon we made our way to the Oktoberhallen in Wieze. Wieze is a pretty small village, so it wasn’t hard to find our way over there. We payed the entrance fee to the hall where the car show took place and walked inside. Over having a few drinks to quince our thirst from the long drive we had a look around to admire the customs and hotrods. There was some pretty fine craftwork present there, clubs from all over Europe where invited by the Scrapers to show off there prized possessions. After walking by and drooling we payed a visit to the vendors  ... continue reading

Added : 27/4/2009
Los Straitjackets feat.Big Sandy
Yesterday afternoon we went to Den Bosch to see Los Straitjackets feat. Big Sandy in het W2Popdium.
I haven't been there before so we went early. Beacause of that we could also see Miss Mary Ann & the Ragtime Wranglers. So short after 3 o'clock on a sunday afternoon we were already rockin' with the songs of Miss Mary Ann's cd's Mad mama and Rock it on down to my house.
But we came especially for Los Straitjackets (and Big Sandy)
Eddie Angel and friends played a lot of songs from their new album Rock en Espanol together with Big Sandy.I don't know their numbers by name but they were as energetic as ever.
It's great surf ,garage  ... continue reading

Added : 27/4/2009
The Tupelo Fanclub realises the dream of Elvis Presley
Presley always wanted a youth center in his birthplace of Tupelo. Fans hope a new specialty license plate will help pay for it, more than 50 years after the rock ‘n’ roll icon came up with the idea.

The Tupelo Elvis Presley Fan Club pushed the tag through the Mississippi Legislature last year.

The club needs to collect 300 applications to ensure production of the plates featuring an image of Elvis over a picture of his birth home. They hope to hit that goal by May 10.

About 120 applications have been gathered so far from supporters who will pay an additional $31 for the tag.

Club president Scott Reese said  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2009
Rocky Road: Pop music's original punks get a highway named after them. Sort of.
According to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, rockabilly — “a style of rock 'n' roll mixed with rowdy country music” — is making “an encore performance.” In less garbled terms, Gov. Mike Beebe signed legislation transforming the stretch of U.S. 67 from Newport to Pocahontas into "Rock 'N' Roll Highway 67.” The road, which sounds like it might have been named by a Japanese tourist was actually named by State Representative J.R. Rogers, and honors Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins,” and scores of other guitar-slinging greasers who played the Arkansas roadhouse circuit in the 1950's.

Rogers told the Democrat-Gazette that he wanted  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.memphisflyer.com/singallkinds/archives/2009/04/14/rocky-road-pop-musics-original-punks-get-a-highway-named-after-them-sort-of
Added : 22/4/2009
Saturday april 18 – Roy P-cat and The V8 Daddy’s – Radio Modern Tilburg.

After a sunny Saturday gardening, it was time for our weekly party night. This time we focused on Tilburg, where Radio Modern had organized a cozy dance party. Following it’s success in Flanders, and hopefully it will last a long time, R.M. now tries to get some regulars in the Netherlands. When we arrived there, we walked straight into a restaurant where every was still eating. Nothing that pointed towards a gig or R’n’r. The logo and the beauty parlor of the Modernettes showed us we were in the right spot.
It was a busy dinner, where the waiters where running around like ants. Furthermore in the back of the building was a stage group,  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2009
Smokestack Lightning @ Bar Mondial 17/04/2009
On a Friday night, what better way is there to start your weekend then with a great band, some good friends and excellent music. It was the first night of their Belgian weekend, Saturday they played at Vorselaar and Sunday two gigs, one in Bonheiden and the other one in Turnhout. Since we had other plans on Saturday and would need Sunday to recuperate, Friday it would be.
Guess by now most of you have been to Bar Mondial, so there’s no need to introduce the bar anymore. We walked in at around 21.50 and after paying our entrance fee, we greeted all the friends we knew there and had a few drinks while waiting at the band to start.
Shortly  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2009
Saturday april 11, Rockin Around Turnhout at the Kuub. 3
My wife had bought me a red drape suit for my birthday, and it arrived just on that day. So as proud as I can be, I went to the Kuub in my Teddy boy outfit for gigs from The Buckshots, Miss Ruby Ann, the Original Comets and Paul Ansell's number 9.
When arrived there, a lot of folks where lining up at the entrance booth and on the square in front there was a cosy business. Fist we said hello to all the cats and chicks we knew and then went inside. The Buckshots had already started their gig and warmed up the audience. For the beginning I had the feeling that the mood was right. All the familiar faces where there and everybody was feeling great.  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2009
Bakel April 4, Hometown Gamblers, Mister P and The Cadillacs and Lights Out.
There are some night when everything goes wrong. When driving towards the gig, several off ramps where closed on the highway in Holland and we where guide trough long deviations. Some road signs where taped of, other weren’t. And if you like us, haven’t got a gps but still trusted on the good old roadmap, you end up in the middle of nowhere. Luckily the rest of the night turned out pretty well. This time the party was organized by “ remember the sixties”. According to me, they should change the name to 50’s, Cause the majority of band s present played music from that era, the sixties remind me of hippies, hard rock and the beatles. So with some  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2009
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