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Rockin' around Turnhout 2
We started rockin' around Turnhout on saterdaynight.
The "Kuub" was the place to be. And a lot of people were there to see Ruby Ann, Bill Haley's Comets and Paul Ansell's Number Nine. (and The Buckshots in between in the cafe)
Ruby Ann came all the way from Portugal to give us more of the same. The setlist was changed just before the show she said, and once again her show as interrupted with talking to the guys of the band and the public. She has still a great voice so in the end the show was ok but there wasn't much enthousiasm among the crowd. Too much talking.
Bill Haley's Comets showed her how to put together a great show.  ... continue reading

Added : 17/4/2009
Rockin around turnhout 12 april 2009
Last Sunday night it was time again to head on down to Turnhout for another edition of the world famous Pub crawl. We arrived there round 8.20 and after finding a place to park we headed towards the marketplace. Before arriving there we heard a familiar sound coming from a small pub, we headed inside and found the Hillbilly Stringpickers on stage, after paying the entrance fee and receiving a free beer, we enjoyed the rest of the first set, on a sandy floor, guess they thought it was a beach party. We continued our route towards the marketplace and tried to find La Candela, but the map was a bit wrong. So instead we walked into the Revue. On  ... continue reading

Added : 14/4/2009
The Buddy Holly Story
Springfield Little Theatre presents "The Buddy Holly Story"
By Brad Belote

Springfield Little Theatre presents "The Buddy Holly Story" May 1 - 17 at the historic Landers Theatre.

Buddy Holly’s brief life and meteoric rise to fame and rock ‘n roll stardom is immortalized in this dynamic and heart-rending show written by Alan James and Rob Bettinson.

A celebration of the man, his music and life, that encompasses a unique mixture of innocence, determination, humor and charm that was Buddy Holly, the show features his greatest hits including “Peggy Sue,” “That’ll Be The Day,” “Oh Boy,” Everyday,” “Maybe
Baby,”  ... continue reading

Added : 10/4/2009
Want a wax James Dean? How about Marilyn Monroe?
Want to permanently share your home with James Dean, Marilyn Monroe or all four Beatles?
The Hollywood Wax Museum is offering wax representations of these and nearly 200 other celebrities at the first auction in its 44-year history, set for May 1.
Fans can bid on political figures, such as George Washington and Bill Clinton, and athletes like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. Musicians such as Cher, Stevie Wonder and the Fab Four will be available, along with TV and film stars including Lucille Ball, Johnny Carson, Will Smith and Charlie Chaplin.
The auction will be administered by Profiles in History and a portion of the profits will  ... continue reading

Added : 10/4/2009
The History of Rock and Roll part one The History of Rock and Roll part Two
DVD submitted by
Living Colour Entertainment
In this interesting series from Time Life video we travel trough the History of Rock And Roll in a quite unique way! Instead of getting a time line with all the highlights of the moment we do get a bunch of stars who introduce us to their stars and inspirations, from that point of view we start taking history lessons into what might be the biggest revelation in our world : Rock and Roll music!

Rock music is high velocity folk music, and that is exactly what it is! With original clips from Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Little Richard, Buddy Holy and tons of others you’ll see the birth of rock and roll! Next to the  ... continue reading

Added : 4/4/2009
American Graffiti & More American Graffiti
DVD submitted by

Directed by George Lucas, soon to be known as Mr Star Wars, this film is essentially about
A couple of high school grads spending one final night cruising the strip with their buddies before they go off to college! You can see the lot hanging around with custom build cars, engaging themselves in street races, getting in trouble with biker gangs or having a  ... continue reading

Added : 2/4/2009

The Mighty Quiffs, De Gilde Oostkamp 29/03/2009
The guys from Billybop in Bruges organized another rockin Sunday. The Mighty Quiffs were invited this time and they made sure it was rockin. Well it maybe the last time the Sundays were organized so it was one hell of a closure. Hopefully the Sundays will continue in the future.
Now back to the Quiffs ( in English slang that is, not the American version), they pretended it was night time by the time they played, cause they sure aren’t used of it still being light outside.
Once again the line up from the band has changed on bass this time, Lenn Dauphin, the only FF present in Oostkamp, autographs were available after the gig. And let’s  ... continue reading

Added : 1/4/2009
Wanda Jackson Day" declared by OKC mayor Mick Cornett
Oklahoma City officially said “Let’s Have a Party” in honor of a rockabilly pioneer as Mayor Mick Cornett declared today “Wanda Jackson Day” at this morning’s city council meeting.

Singer and entertainer Wanda Jackson addresses lawmakers on the floor of the Senate at the state Capitol in this Feb. 10 photo by Jim Beckel.

“For a long, long time, this woman has put a powerful voice in the world of country and rock music, and she has represented Oklahoma City every single day,” Cornett said prior to the reading of the proclamation. “And we are so proud that she has chosen to make Oklahoma City her home and proudly tells people  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.newsok.com/wanda-jackson-day-declared-by-okc-mayor-mick-cornett/article/3355873?custom_click=headlines_widget
Added : 30/3/2009
BRN #19 - met (o.a.): Wayne 'the train' HANCOCK!!
Goede mensen allemaal,

Ge gelooft soms uw eigen oren niet, het is waar…

Het is sinds Nieuwjaar onmenselijk hard ‘trekken’ geweest; er zijn paarden voor
EN achter karren moeten gespannen worden, ballen aan het rollen gebracht, bergen van
molshopen gemaakt, olifanten door porseleinwinkels gejaagd, heel wat kinderen met
het badwater weggespoeld, en tal van nagels met koppen geslagen (u moest de putjes
in ons voorhoofd eens zien…)- MAAR: ‘hij’ is er. Of beter: ‘hij’ komt…

U mag beginnen forwarden & bloggen & Facebooken & Myspacen tot het niet meer schoon
te noemen is (al wat u nodig hebt staat  ... continue reading

Added : 30/3/2009
Johnny Trash @ De Joker Antwerp 20/03/2009
The second part of Johnny Trash’s acoustical gig. The first one at Bar Mondial I missed, so luckily he did a second one. I spoke to Koen and he told me that this gig wad a bit different then the first one. The first one was mostly songs by Johnny Cash. This one would be songs that he likes and always wanted to do on stage.
It was the first time I was at De Joker and I was surprised at how small this place is. The stage was one of the smallest I’ve ever seen. Just enough place for the 3 musicians to stand on, well 2 we’re seated.
The songs had a lot of variation in them, even a few dutch songs passed the revue.
Just to name a few of  ... continue reading

Added : 24/3/2009
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