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The Copycat Controversy : Patrick Ouchène responds to Mark Sprex' observations
0Hello Mark,

- About the song "Copycat" : you have to understand that it's about a guy who never
heard of Elvis and finds out that there is a guy in the usa who wears the same
clothes etc. It's just a song, nothing wrong with it, it's "second degré".

- About the guys from the Elvis fan club : in my opinion they are near to the point
of being extremist, as the look of the project and even the cartoon figure (famous
in Belgium and France) wear the Elvis look. I was the first one to be surprised
when I heard that the Elvis fan club was shocked, but in my opinion the clowns
who wear the jump suits and wigs  ... continue reading

Added : 16/3/2009
The Revolutionaires @ Mechelen
Just like Jiving Walter I went down to Mechelen last saturday. Not for the dancing, but for the Revolutionaires (with an e)
I saw them already at the Rhythm Riot last year and once again they were great.
And yes, they play hot jumpin' rhythm and blues in their own style. Not only Fats Domino, but also T Bone Walker and Roy Brown and Little Richard too.
I like their harder and agressive approach of the music and it was very clear : the house was rockin'.
Only one negative thing to say : only in Belgium bands always starts more than half an hour later than announced.
(or even later)
It's time to do something about  ... continue reading

Added : 16/3/2009
The Belgian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, "Copycat", has drawn heavy criticism from Belgian Elvis-fans in recent days. They feel that the song is an insult to Elvis' memory, and want the song withdrawn from the contest. The controversy has attracted international attention, and now one of Elvis' own songwriters, Michael Jarrett (71), has offered to write a new song for Belgium. Mr. Jarrett wrote one of the King's favorite songs, "I'm Leavin'", as well as the Presley Christmas classic "I'll Be Home On Christmas Day", which was recently chosen as the 2nd most important Christmas song ever by the Swedish newspaper "Aftonbladet".
Though  ... continue reading

Added : 16/3/2009
The Revolutionairs, Radio Modern 07/03/2009 Mechelen
This time Radio modern was held in Mechelen. I was dressed in a white suit with matching hat. Ben greeted me as “Al Capone” and some folks asked if i had some drugs for them. My answer was that I had left the dope at home, but had my gun in my shoulder holster ( joke).
The hall, which reminded me of an arena with balconies, was packed like always.
The First thing we, me, my wife and our 23y old daughter, did was to check out the stalls of the modernettes and the fifties clothes store. My daughter, who accompanied us for the First time, was immediately in love with the nice dresses and decide that next time she would buy one. Later that  ... continue reading

Added : 13/3/2009
The Monads, Ace Cafe Rumst 08/03/2009
The Monads are a bluegrass band from St-Louis, with a record “ Ornery” out on Muddy Records. The Band consists of Pat Eagan – vocals, acoustic guitar, Jason Matthews – vocals, banjo, spoons, Matt Shivelbine – fiddle, Jenna Schroeder – acoustic bass, vocals. They’re Music can best be described as their own bland of bluegrass, Americana, country mixed together with a punk attitude. Jason is the most energetic man i’ve ever seen on stage at the ace cafe, he doesn’t stand still for a second. They played to set of about 45 minutes and although the Music was great, during the First set the sound was horrible i don’t know what happened there. The soundman  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.themonads.com
Added : 13/3/2009
Ok, well the post about Eurovision was posted before the song was released.

About the song ( musicaly ) itself, to me it don't really sound like rockabilly, granted it's a catchy song, but i like the work Patrick does with Runnn Wild or The Domino's a lot more.

Here are the lyrics:

Way down in Memphis, Tennessee
There's a guy looking just like me
Wearing the same blue suede shoes
Singing the same old blues

Way down in the U.S. of A.
There's a guy doing things my way
Combing the same greasy hair
Hugging the same teddy bear

He's a copycat
Trying to steal my soul
But he's  ... continue reading

Added : 13/3/2009
'Elvis' turned out to be Patrick Ouchène
You probably all heard this news by now.

After a week of speculations about the Belgian representative, it's now confirmed that the person formerly tagged as 'Elvis' is in fact Patrick Ouchène. He will represent Belgium at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest with Copycat.

His song is a tribute to the king of rock'n'roll - Elvis Presley, according to the fan portal Belgovision.com. Copycat was written by Jacques Duvall, the pseudonymn of Eric Verwilghen. In the past, he has written the hit Le Banana Split which proved to be a huge hit in 1979, selling more than two million singles.

The two men have worked together before  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.eurovision.tv/
Added : 9/3/2009
The Original Elvis Tribute 2009
In May 2009, the American production ”The Original Elvis Tribute 2009” will be touring Europe. This show is unique in several respects, one being that it does not feature any impersonators and instead offers a genuine tribute, and secondly because it features several people that actually worked with Elvis – either as part of his rhythm-section, or as a songwriter. Duke Bardwell, who played bass for Elvis at more than 180 shows in the 70s, will also play the bass on this show, while songwriter Michael Jarrett will play the keyboards. Jarrett wrote songs like “I’ll Be Home On Christmas Day” en “I’m Leaving”, and especially the latter song was one  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.elvisnews.dk
Added : 5/3/2009
Mark Penington from the UK's legendary neo-rockabilly band 'The Caravans' is coming to Belgium and Holland this May performing 'unplugged' versions from the 2 top selling 'Caravans' albums 'Smashed and Stripped Bare' and 'Return To Zero'

Together with Mark Sprex from 'The Rhumba Kings' on slap bass and a 'famous' drummer ...

For many years, Mark Penington and Mark Sprex have wanted to work on a music project together, but full touring schedules for both with their full-time bands have left little time for anything else ... Until now !!

Back in early 2007 when the two were working on the 'Rhumba Kings' album 'Bad  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.myspace.com/marksprex
Added : 5/3/2009
Due massive response on the upcoming SINS 3 show and by general request we just put a LIMITED TICKET PRE-SALE online.

- WEEKEND TICKETS (2 days indoor show + AFTERPARTY)

Since the afterparty venue has a limited capacity and if you want to be sure to party hard with us and check out the amazing bands on stage , we advise to buy your tickets in advance.
ONLY AVAILABLE ONLINE: http://www.scrapers.be/

Scrapers CC

more info on : http://www.scrapers.be/
Added : 4/3/2009
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