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New !!! Cajunbilly now available ...
"CAJUNBILLY", the brand new full-CD from Big Bayou Bandits is now available. More than 50 minutes op hot-stompin' cajun, rockabilly and tex-mex songs in the typical "Big Bayou Bandits" style.
For the modest contribution of 10 euro (excl. shipping) this disc can be yours.


more info on : http://www.bigbayoubandits.com
mail to : info@bigbayoubandits.com
Added : 30/1/2009
News from Little Rachel
The biggest Little Rachel news for 2009 is that she is releasing a new record this Spring. This will be her third solo release, and it is shaping up to be the best yet! It was recorded in Finland with a Finnish rhythm and blues band called the "Hogs of Rhythm" (featuring "Lester Peabody", other members of the of "The Barnshakers" and "Whistle Bait", and the vocal group "The Relics"). The new record will be released on the Goofin' Records label with an impressive roster featuring artists like "The Barnshakers", "Marti Brom", "High Noon", "The Go-Getters", "Ray Collins Hot Club", "Sean Mencher", "Shaun Young", "The Ranch Girls", "The Ragtime Wranglers",  ... continue reading

Added : 28/1/2009
Buddy Holly Documentaries on radio and TV

The documentary of final tour of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens & The Big Bopper airs on BBC Radio 2 this Sat 31st at 7pm. It will be presented by Steve Harley and kicks off a "Fifties Season", which Radio 2 are running. Later that week are two other Holly-related documentaries.
Also in the series, progs about Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent and 60's pop-impressario, Larry Parnes.
And then on Radio 4 on Feb 10th, another Holly documentary, which called "Forever 22" presented by Roger Daltrey.

On Wednesday 4th February at 9pm starting "There's an Arena" on Buddy, the film The Buddy Holly Story & 'Rock Shrines' , a tribute to Holly.
Sky  ... continue reading

Added : 28/1/2009
Film made in Texoma to be featured at upcoming festival
ARDMORE, Okla. ― An independent film made right here in Texoma―by Texomans― deals with a period of time that many of us these days might be unfamiliar with. Daniel Armbruster has the story of Rockabilly Baby.

Ken Farmer directed Rockabilly Baby. But what is rockabilly?

"Rockabilly was rock n' roll before it became rock n' roll," Farmer says.

Rockabilly is a mix of blues and country-western music that originated in Tennessee in the 1950's it eventually lead to what we now know as rock n' roll.

Farmer, a Gainesville native, says he was given a script for a play but instantly wanted to make  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.traildancefilmfestival.comhttp://www.imdb.com/title/tt1151924/
Added : 28/1/2009
Lubbock City Council Approves Buddy Holly Center & Tara West Contracts
Posted: Jan 26, 2009 07:17 PM

The Lubbock City Council has approved a contract to finalize the naming rights of the Buddy Holly Museum. Buddy Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly, has given Lubbock permission to use her late husband's name for the next 20 years. The contract cost the city $20,000.

Council members have also approved the contract to sell the historic Tara West house at 4th and Slide. Mike Haggard purchased the home at auction for $510. As part of the deal, he must now move the structure to a new location. The move will make way for the extension of Slide Road, north to Loop 289.

Added : 28/1/2009
City To Create Buddy And Maria Elena Holly Plaza
Posted: Jan 23, 2009 05:17 AM

NewsChannel 11 has learned new information on a story we broke Thursday on NewsChannel 11 at 6, which pertains to the deal between city hall and the widow of rock-n-roll legend Buddy Holly.

Maria Elena Holly has signed a 20-year deal to allow Buddy Holly's name and likeness to be used at the Buddy Holly center at 19th & Buddy Holly Avenue. Lubbock will pay $20,000 up front for the rights. If you do the math, that's only $83.33 per month.

In addition to that, the Buddy Holly statue and the West Texas Music Walk of Fame will be moved next door to the Buddy Holly Center. Those tributes  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.kcbd.com/global/story.asp?s=9719870
Added : 28/1/2009
Concert review The Travellin men, Saturday 3 January Amsterdam
On new years days our suitcases were packed for a relaxing weekend in Amsterdam. We never had visited this town, and the gig of The Travellin men, who accidently played there, was a nice bonus.
But first on Saturday we stopped at Madame Tussauds ( a smaller copy from London ). The urge to stand next to the wax version of the king, by my opinion a not so good image, became to much for me. The picture was taken quickly and I wsa happy
In the evening we went to see the Travellin Men, those were invited by the Dance school Jive 55, to warm up the place. Big was my surprise when I saw that the gig was held in an old church, where half of the  ... continue reading

Added : 22/1/2009
Billybop Roots Sunday 18/1/2009 Oostkamp
For the ( I lost count ), the guys from Billybop in Brugges organised a Sunday of Roots filled music.
First on stage where the Big Bayou Bandits to celebrate the release of their first cd “ Cajun Billy”, a cd with 15 songs that shows you with them Belgian Cajuns are all about. Just a bunch of great songs about evil women, booze or evil women running of with the booze.
The Bandits are now a four piece outfit with Buddy joining them on a minimalistic drum.
After them Cajuns it was time for the second band of the afternoon Little Kim and The Alley Apple 3. The first time I heard them and it sounded great. Old Time western swing like  ... continue reading

Added : 21/1/2009
Mr. & Mr’s Sprex birthdayparty @ Ace Café
Another year has passed and it was time again to celebrate Mark and Diane’s birthday, as location they chose the Ace Café.
The Rhumba Kings and some special guests where on stage. The Ace Cafe was filled by the time the band took the stage and made the place rock.
The new Rhumba Kings that is, Mark is still on bass, but other then that things have changed. Michel is on guitar and the way he controls that instrument is just awesome. Chris on drums and funny faces. There’s a lot more energy on stage and of course that makes the audience go madder. Bart V. ( former Rhumba King ) joined the band on stage for a few songs and I was even tricked  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.acecafe.be
Added : 21/1/2009
Lee Goocher & the Sundowners en Johnny & the Roccos at The Rambler 11/1/2009.
We arrived just in time to see the first band, Lee Goocher & the Sundowners.
And Lee and his band were in great shape.They were playing a few songs of their last CD Flyin' high and
even a new song from the new CD that will come out in 2009.
Also Sonny Burgess, Johnny Cash,Vince Taylor and others came by throught the covers they were playing.
Great show ! Only a little bit too short because the group had to return home the same evening.
After a short break it was time for Johnny & the Roccos. Well, I had expected more than they could give.
Johnny was playing well as always but it seemed that the band never played  ... continue reading

Added : 16/1/2009
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