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The Shotgun Wailers, 06/12/2008, Ace Café Rumst
Another gig at the Ace Café, on stage this time, the Shotgun Wailers, this band from Norway was advertised as top notch Rockabilly, but as the show emerged that wasn’t exactly right.
The band is actually a four piece outfit, with an electric double bass ( so again no slap, which is very noticeably), drums, vocalist who plays rhythm guitar and a 3 string sigar box, and lead guitar ( and what a lead guitar player it was, excellent).
The band started a bit late, but by the time they started the place had filled up nicely and most of us where ready to watch them perform. The first few songs were a bit disappointing, it seemed a bit slow.  ... continue reading

Added : 10/12/2008
Den Joc Nijlen, 05/12/2008
What a better way to start the weekend then to go to some place you never been before to see some bands you don’t know. Always good to try out some new stuff.
So Den Joc in Nijlen, is a youth club, but not like one i ‘ve been before, it’s actually pretty big, with a separate bar and small concert hall.
When i arrived there i could already hear from outside that one of the bands was already playing. The First band was called The Chicken Pickers, not a bad band at all, their set list contains of covers of very well known r’n’r songs. A few strange characters on stage: on bass another representative of nerdabilly, but never the less a guy  ... continue reading

Added : 10/12/2008
Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies @ Ace Cafe Rumst 30/11/2008
Last day of the bluegrass weekend at the Ace Café. On Saturday was a gig of the by now notorious 357 Stringband, but unfortunately due to other obligations, I had to miss out on that gig. I know they played at The Bromfiets on Sunday as well, but I was still recuperating from Saturday night, by the time that gig started.
So back to Sunday night, Bob Wayne & The Outlaw Carnies. Just 4 guys on stage playing some old style country with a modern edge. Just a double bass, fiddle, lead and Rhythm guitar is all these guys needed to set the night on fire. In no time they had the audience on their side and continue playing their gig, with everything  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.acecafe.be/
Added : 1/12/2008
2nd Hot Rod Jamboree - Hannover
Saturday morning 10 o’clock in the morning. With five people we’re heading from Amsterdam to Burgdorf, Germany (near Hannover) for the 2nd Hot Rod Jamboree.
We booked a hotel in Hannover for one night, as Hannover is a long way from home.
When the five of us arrive at the due the rest of our gang is also already present. Now we’re with 8.
The night starts with The Barnstompers. The weekend before we also saw them at the Cruise-Inn. A great band, with a singer with a great voice. I know some women from Germany who follow this bands just almost everywhere. They play a mix of late forties and early fifties traditional American Country-Boogie,  ... continue reading

Added : 25/11/2008
Tony Joe White : 13/11/2008 Handelsbeurs, Gent
Thanks to the friendly people of First Run Pictures in the US I was allowed to go listen to the aged voice Mr Tony Joe White. The godfather of swamp blues, returned to Ghent after two years and once more the place crowded.

Unfortunately we had to miss the fist ten minutes of the gig due to some parking problems but in the case of Tony Joe White this means about one song or half a song. When Roosevelt and Ira Lee started it became clear that the place wasn’t crowed with people only as old a Mr White himself. Although the average age at the gig was clearly above 40, their where some younger fans as well. People who know  ... continue reading

Added : 14/11/2008
The Drugstore Cowboys @ Ace Café Rumst, 10/11/2008
Another Sunday night at the Ace Café again. On stage this time from the Uk: The Drugstore Cowboys, this trio is described on the poster as high octane roadhouse rockabilly, and it kind of describes them well. Only two members of the band, namely the drummer, a very young guy but one hell of a beat provider, and the guitar player/vocalist, with great solos, could make it over here, so they were backed up by the bass player that seems to play in a million bands, Mark Sprex.
During the gig the band had some guest players that joined them, Bart from the Rhumba Kings, for this occasion dressed like a green troll, the front man of Smooth & The  ... continue reading

Added : 12/11/2008
Radio Modern @ Zaal Roma, Borgerhout, 31/10/2008.
This time i had already ordered my tickets about a month in advance, cause last time everything was fully booked and there was no getting in to the place. The Hall has a maximum capacity of 800 people. It was the First time i entered de Roma, i must admit that Radio Modern couldn’t have picked a better location then this. Everything there really radiates the vibe of the 1940’s and 50’s. At the entrance are some painted movie posters for a long time ago, there’s James Dean’s Giants and Cary Grants, North by Northwest and many more. At one of the side of the stairs there was a nice picture of Roy Orbison in his success years, after he preformed  ... continue reading

Added : 12/11/2008
LISA Marie Presley has channelled a medium to introduce dad Elvis to her new-born twins.
The 40-year-old said of her spooky session: “This was my dad, this was Elvis coming through!

“I would know his energy anywhere and this was him, I have no doubt.

“Not only was it his voice, but I could also feel the exact same love that he gave me when I was a little girl. It was so overwhelming that I started to cry.

“The medium comforted me with his words by telling me he was proud of me, the babies were beautiful, he’s doing just fine on the other side, he watches over me. After I sort of got acclimatised to all this and dried my eyes, we had this amazing talk.

“The most comforting thing he told me is  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.dailystar.co.uk/goss/view/56406/lisa-marie-presley-chats-to-the-king/
Added : 4/11/2008
Radio Modern - october 25, 2008 - Vooruit (Gent)
Last Saturday was my first Radio Modern party. Me and some friends, who didn’t know where they would be going, went to the Vooruit in Gent. First reaction of my friends was “what the fuck?” but they showed some light enthusiasm, probably because they were thirsty and they saw the bar. But this room is really the perfect spot for this kind of activity.

All our girls where restyled by the Modernettes, man they looked hot and steamy! Almost all the other people were dressed stylish so we were a little strange guys with our normal clothes.

At 9 o’clock Dancing Sophie teached us some moves, what a dynamic lady! All present persons  ... continue reading

Added : 30/10/2008
Mrs Sprex and myself decided to head up to Antwerp on Saturday for 2 reasons, one was to visit our friends Angelo ad Peggy at their store Sinner Supply as they are closing down at christmas, and the other to check out the 'Old School Rockabilly Psychosis Festival' at The Hof Ter Lo in Antwerp.

We arrived early around 5.30 pm so caught the first band, Belgium's 'Mudmen' who I must say have improved a lot over the last year or so and have quite a unique and powerful sound all of their own. They did a good job of the very hard job of opening a festival such as this, so all credit to them.

It was a suprise and pleasure to see  ... continue reading

Added : 27/10/2008
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