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MM's therapy couch, perfume and checks up for sale
LOS ANGELES – Just when you thought every last bit of Marilyn Monroe had been put up for auction, including the crypt above hers at a local cemetery, along comes the couch from her shrink's office.

Darren Julien of Julien's Auctions says the psychiatric sofa will be offered June 26-27 during the Hollywood Legends auction at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Las Vegas.

Other Monroe-abilia up for grabs: her Chanel No. 5, personal photos, bank statements, scripts, signed checks and the chair used in the star's final photo shoot.

more info on : http://www.juliensauctions.com
Added : 12/4/2010
Moonlight Trio 11/04/2010 Ace Cafe Rumst
Last Sunday evening in the Ace Cafe, The Moonlight Trio. This trio is from La Habra LA. After recently being transitioned from The Moonlight Cruisers. Al Martinez, Aaron Martinez an Tony “T-Mac” Macias are going strong as a trio these days. Luckily for the fans of The Cruisers, they still play a lot of songs that you may know. The Trio is a rockabilly band, that is quite unique, they call it cumbiabilly. The whole gig was great – clean sound, tight rhythm and good old fashioned Rock’n’roll songs, like “Nothin Shakin”, “you’re the one for me”, “ Little Town Fool”, “ Since i Met you baby” that make you feel good and give you the feeling that it’s  ... continue reading

Added : 12/4/2010
First Gasketblower fest 10/04/2010 SKW Rick's Place
This Saturday it was time for the First Gasketblower fest. For those who don’t know who the Gasketblowers are, they’re a car and bike club formed a few years ago by a couple of friends who share a love for old cars, bikes and Music. Due to the good weather and intense advertising the place was already buzzing with activity by the time i got there. A lot of cars and bikes showed up.

Inside the dinner the First band was already playing, The Moonlight Trio. I don’t know what was wrong but, the next day at the Ace Cafe, they were much better. After the Moonlight Trio Dj Joe took his place behind the turntables and entertain the audience  ... continue reading

Added : 12/4/2010
Rockin Around Turnhout #15
Last weekend it was time for the 15th rockin Around Turnhout. Since I had to play a gig in Luxemburg on Friday and Saturday was a day to relax we only went Sunday night to the main event. The barcrawl. When we got there we visited the first bar we came across to pay the entrance fee and see a few songs of Kieron Mac Donald. A very rockin 4 piece combo. Next bar was the Theater 1900, playing there James Intveld. Backed by the Bellhops and his own guitarplayer. Great gig, I’m still impressed with this guy’s abilities, very nice songs.

After the gig we decided to head over to T’ Keizershof for Jessie & The Orbits, but like it is the problem  ... continue reading

Added : 8/4/2010
Videoclip of "Sneaky Pete" by The Smoky Midnight Gang
After releasing their album "LOADED". The Smoky Midnight Gang decided to make a videoclip of the song "Sneaky Pete".

>>> "Sneaky Pete" videoclip ...

They succeeded with flying colors. You can find the video on Youtube.

Added : 2/4/2010
Irish singer Imelda May heads back to the states with Jamie Cullum
Rockabilly singer/songwriter Imelda May is back to tour the states again but this time around she is playing bigger venues and more dates while opening up for Jamie Cullum.

Chicago clearly made an impact on Imelda May last time she was here because it is the only city she is not only opening up for Jamie Cullum but also booked a solo show. Her first appearance in Chicago was last September where she played a headlining show to a packed crowd at Martyr's and now she is back for round two on March 15th in the same intimate venue. The following night at Park West May will get a chance to play for a larger crowd in support of Jamie Cullum.

Last  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.examiner.com/x-17319-chicago-music-industry-examiner~y2010m3d5-irish-singer-imelda-may-heads-back-to-the-states-with-jamie-cullum?cid=exrss-chicago-music-industry-examiner
Added : 22/3/2010
Comets' 2010 Tour

The first Rock band in the world. Many bands called themselves so, but this is the "real McCoy". Before these guys hit the scene there was nothing, even the name Rock & Roll was taken from their early hit "Rock The Joint". After several successful and sold out tours in the last years the fathers of Rock Music will hit the road again.
After Bill Haley's early death on February 9th, 1981 this guys got back together again and couldn't stop "Rockin' Around The World", (as one of their albums was called). On April 12, 1954 a musical history landmark, these fine young musicians recorded "Rock Around The Clock" the best selling rock record  ... continue reading

Added : 22/3/2010
JB Beverly & The Wayward Drifters
Another Sunday night at the Ace Café. On stage this time JB Beverly & The Wayward Drifters hailing from Lakeside, Virginia, USA . At band not really known to me, so we almost skipped his gig ( I must admit I was too lazy to look anything up of them before the gig). But I’m glad we didn’t, it was great. As they say they play the summon of American roots music. Country, rockabilly, blues and bluegrass. Just 3 guys on stage, JB on vocals and Guitar, Dan on Banjo and Johnny on Doghouse. They played 2 sets of about 45 minutes each and just had a great time on stage. Offstage these guys were very friendly. Had a talk with Johnny about his record label  ... continue reading

Added : 22/3/2010
The Razorblades 14 april Ace Cafe Rumst
Well originally it wasn’t my intention to go to this gig, cause I’m not the biggest surf ( well at least of what some people call surf these days) fan. To me surf bands are the Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Ventures etc. So a bit opinionated i went to the gig of the Razorblades And I must admit I have to review my opinion ( well at least about these guys), damn this was good. You could hear every note the guitar played ( and that were a lot of notes), The bass was clear fast and great, The drum kept a tight beat behind the clean surfsound. A lot of very familiar songs were played: “ Apache”, “ Brand New Cadillac”, “ Rawhide”.

A band you  ... continue reading

Added : 22/3/2010
Figuranten gezocht ....
Oproep aan alle rockabilly cats ans kittens ...

Van 17 tot 23 maart draaien Lenny Van Wesemael en Menuet in de regio Gent,Brugge en Oostende de
nieuwe dansfilm « DANSEN MET TRAVOLTA ».
Hiervoor zijn ze nog op zoek naar Rockabilly figuranten.
Kan jij je vrij maken en wil je helpen aan dit project, aarzel niet en neem contact op met Soraya, 2de assist regie.

... contacteer Soraya

-- guy --

mail to : tsjoelie@yahoo.co.uk
Added : 11/3/2010
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