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From The First of May till the Third. Petrol ANtwerp & Ace Cafe Rumble
On the First of may, in Petrol Antwerp, Jack Rocks ( nothing related with me) was held. Live on stage: The Baboons, The White Ghost Shivers and The Seatsniffers ( cd presentation).
Petrol is this huge place near the wharfs in Antwerp. And I suspect itís sort of a disco place, well judging by the prices of the drinks. But this night it was roots related. And there was free whiskey, well if you were quick, cause by the time the Seatsniffers started playing, the free stuff was all down someoneís belly. So all those who saved their coupons till after the gigs bad luck.
So on stage: The Baboons, they were already playing by the time we got  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.acecafe.be
Added : 5/5/2008
TIKI'S closed down
Sad news... TIKI'S, the worldwide famous place in a very small town, Gierle in Belgium, is closed down.
We drove up there yesterday to find closed doors, closed curtains and differant posters all over the windows.
Normally "Le Chat Noir" was booked to play there. They were also standing in front of the closed doors.
After a phonecall, we found out what was going on.
Nobody knew that this great place was declared bankrupt a couple weeks ago.
A lot of people from all over the world have great memories about this place. Nobody will ever forget Tiki's.
A shame to see this happen again.

-- Diane --

Added : 2/5/2008
Movie Icons : A new series of Books
Info submitted by Taschen

People talk about Hollywood glamour, about studios that had more stars than there are in heaven, about actors who weren't actors but were icons. Other people talk about these things, TASCHEN shows you. Movie Icons is a series of photo books that feature the most famous personalities in the history of cinema. These 192-page books are visual biographies of the stars.

For each title, series editor Paul Duncan has painstakingly selected approximately 150 high quality enigmatic and sumptuous portraits, colorful posters and  ... continue reading

Added : 1/5/2008
For a tuesdaynight, it was rather busy in Het Zevende Zegel in Ottenburg. Well, however you twisted it or turn it, "Le Chat Noir" is a hell of a band that needs to be seen! A lot of familiar faces, people who became fans after their last tour in Belgium- Holland.
Amazing how two people can make such a powerfull sound, seriously. Just with a guitar and a basic drum kit, Le Chat Noir gives pure class energy. Teddy Hesper and Eileen Spruce are very nice, modest and sweet people but once on stage a transformation takes place and they turn into two rock animals. Chemistry? Hell, absolutly! It must be said, ladies and gents, Le Chat Noir, are like  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.myspace.com/chatnoirband http://www.lechatnoir.org.uk
Added : 30/4/2008
Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekender 40
2 weeks to go for the start of the Biggest rock'n'roll party in UK, May 16 - 19 2008!

Dale Hawkins (USA) & Hemsby House Band with cow bell of course provided by Mark Spreckley on drums, Sonny Burgess & the Pacers (USA), Levi Dexter (USA) & Cat House Creepers (England), Carlos & the Bandidos (England ), Original Blue Cats (England ), Wes & Sonic Aces (Australia), Sundowners (England), Blue Valley Boys (Sweden), Hot Chickens (France) featuring Steve Hooker, The Rhumba Kings (Belgium) + lots more.

ALSO!!! Top Fifties Pin-up Model Bernie Dexter will be at Hemsby 40. Bernie flew in from LA with her husband Levi Dexter and has agreed  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.hemsbyrocknroll.co.uk
Added : 29/4/2008
Boppin'billy festival in Heesch
Last sunday (april 27, 2008) there was the first Boppin'billy festival in Heesch, on a great location named " de Pas".
The first band was the best band of the afternoon : El Rio Trio. These guys played a well received set with songs of their cd's El gringo and Red Headed Woman.A great start of the festival.
The local hero's The Blue Moon Rockers were the second group. They played a lot of very known songs.It's a great band to have on your wedding party but during this set a lot of people including me went out to enjoy the sun.
Maybe it was because of the good weather outside the crowd was not very interested in Mark Spreckly's  ... continue reading

Added : 29/4/2008
Patricia Vonne 27/04/2008 @ Bromfiets Bonheiden
On a lazy Sunday afternoon we decided to head over to Bonheiden again to see another gig organized in den Bromfiets, a small local pub where other then the name would suggest, not much is happening during the week, well i mean not much beside, locals getting drunk at the bar.
On stage this time Patricia Vonne, a Texas rose, with her band. Not sure what to expect from this gig we thought we give it a change and see what the commotion was all about. I heard a song on her website and it was a bit too slow and soft for me. But she would prove us wrong. So as said Patricia Vonne, what an appearance, a very skinny tall girl with very pretty eyes.  ... continue reading

Added : 28/4/2008
Rariní to Go/Invaders Reunion!
ďEasy Edís Variety HourĒ bops back from vacation this Friday with two big hours of rollicking rockabilly, hiccupping hillbilly, relentless R&B, and rambunctious rock Ďní roll! (OK, my copy writer is still on vacation.)

+++PLUS++ !!! An exclusive on-air reunion performance by the legendary Invaders from Lowell, MA! Donít miss it!

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (4/25) from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern.

Can't tune in while the show is airing? Just go to


and download  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 24/4/2008
Guy and Ballís B-day Party 19/04/2008
Under the Motto, 80 is beautiful. These two lads organized a birth day party in de Gilde in Oostkamp. And it was a party we wouldnít want to miss.
After about an hour of driving on our fine Belgian roads, yeah right, we arrived in Oostkamp around 21 oí clock. When we first walked into the bar it was a bit of a surprise cause house music was playing and there was some sort of fake snow on the floor, after a quick look around, we concluded that the party was happening in the backroom, like the gigs. The backroom, is actually some sort of cowboy club, I think built in the late 1970ís, judging from the interior design.
After greeting all  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2008
B-Day party Jiving Walter 19/04/2008
Because of the failure of Tikiís, our hangout, where the Traveliní Men and Dj Atís Crazy record hop were booked, and the uncertainty that the show would go on, a week before the actual event we changed location. First everything was in ok, to have the party in youth club tí Hoekske in Gierle, but due to uncertainties this was blown of aswell. This happened 3 days before d-day ( or b-day). Iíd invited all my old rínír of 27 years for a reunion and a free keg of beer. But without a place to go. I didnít sleep for a whole night, because I couldnít warn a lot of people and was wondering where to go. Eventually after contacting the youth club again  ... continue reading

Added : 22/4/2008
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