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April TLM posted; 10-Year Anniversary

March's issue of TLM is posted:

Up Close with Richard X. Heyman and Myke Scavone of the Doughboys (Sixties New Jersey Standout Garage Band Resurrected); TLM Comments (from our readers); Paterson’s “Jump, Jive, and Harmonize” (Reviews of releases by Ram Jam; Bill Donati); MuzikMan’s Lance Monthly Album Pick of the Month (“Rocket Number 9")”

To view, go to http://www.lancerecords.com

Next month marks the 10th anniversary of "The Lance Monthly" on the Internet. (Don't forget that it was published in paper form during the mid-'60s in Albuquerque as "The Lance Newsletter.") So I need to celebrate  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.lancerecords.com
Added : 8/4/2008
Ben Cooper Rockin @ Ace Cafe 06/04/2008
Last night in the ace cafe, a neo rockabilly legend, Ben Cooper, in the 80’s one of the founding members of Restless and one of the major songwriters, he wrote” Vanished without a trace”, most of the bands second album “ Do you feel Restless” and the opening track to the first album: “ It’s a scam”. So I guess that qualifies him as a true neo rockabilly pioneer. Therefore it was a bit of a surprise that the turn out last night wasn’t that big. But never the less that couldn’t stop these guys, Ben Cooper on vocals, Mark Palmer on Double bass and Russel Lax on Drums, from rockin out the place with some very great songs. They played true neo rockabilly  ... continue reading

Added : 7/4/2008
Easy Ed’s Variety Hour—Tune in This Friday
Hi, everyone.

“Easy Ed’s Variety Hour” will hit the airwaves again this Friday evening. After that the “Gone Fishin’” sign will be up until 4/25, so catch the show while you can! J

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (4/4) from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern.

Can't tune in while the show is airing? Just go to


and download MP3s of past shows from there.

Scroll down to see the playlist from the last show.

As always, thanks for listening!

--DJ  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 3/4/2008
Head on over to the Seatsniffers myspace- page for two short previews (pre-listens, really...) taken from the new full-CD.

"TURBULENCE", the brand new Seatsniffers CD, will be out late April on Sonic Rendez-Vous - it's being pressed as we speak!

more info on : http://www.myspace.com/theseatsniffers
Added : 1/4/2008
RIP Glenn Barber
Tom Ingram informs that Glenn Barber died from an apparent heart attack on March
28 while holding his guitar practising for his upcoming Viva Las Vegas show.
Barber was born on February 2 1935 and recorded excellent rockabilly sides like
Ice Water (1954) and Shadow My Baby (1956). In the sixties he became a deejay
and in the seventies he had quite a career as a country singer, charting in
total 21 times. On August 22 2006 he suffered a congestive heart attack and
kidney failure.

Frantic Franky

Added : 1/4/2008
Monsters of Rock’n’Roll, a tribute to Hot Rod Luke 30/03/2008, Hof Ter Lo.
We got there in the late afternoon and by then already 2 bands had played, namely the Mud men and Radio Dead Ones, so can’t really say anything about them. The third band was already well into their set so we checked them out asap, this band was called Deadbuster, it was loud and heavy streetpunk, can’t really recall any of their songs, which you’ll find is the case with most of the bands on this afternoon / evening. After this band the stage belonged to some guy, who called himself Ski King. A German Fellow ( i think) who entertained the audience with some soundmix numbers, but no kidding he has a great voice, heard some good tunes, by Johnny  ... continue reading

Added : 31/3/2008
Easy Ed’s Variety Hour (with Guests!)
Hey, folks.

Comin’ your way this Friday: Another hot batch of cool records and a special in-studio performance by Ace Brown and his Ohio Valley Boys.


Don’t miss it!

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (3/28) from 6:00 to 8:00 PM Eastern.

Can't tune in while the show is airing? Just go to


and download MP3s of past shows from there.

As always, thanks for listening!

--DJ Easy Ed

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 27/3/2008
Rocking around Turnhout.
Adding a few lines to the message of Jack because there were some other fine groups te be seen.
A big crowd joined the local heros the Baboons in "Keizershof" for their well-played set. Of course they played all the songs from their album " Boogie Curse" and songs like John Lee Hooker's "One scotch, one whiskey, one beer" and Bo Diddley's " You can't judge a book by it's cover"
In the "Candela" there was Rockin' Bonnie and the Rot Gut Shots. I've seen two sets of them with songs like Jukebox blues, I wanna make love, Get rhythm, I heard about you,
Little dreamboot, ... The full-packed bar liked it very much.
And in the "Wollewei"  ... continue reading

Added : 26/3/2008
Lee Rocker at 013 Tilburg
Last Friday Lee Rocker and group played in 013 in Tilburg.
The set contained all the songs from his new album " Black cat bone" and also some older songs like Bulletproof, Miracle in Memphis, I''l cry instead,....
And of course some songs of the Staycats : Stray cat strut,
Rock this town, Fisnets and stockings, ...
After one hour and a half the show ended with That's allright and Blue Moon of Kentucky.
Everybody enjoyed the show and is already looking forward
for the Staycats Farewell Tour in september.

-- rik --

Added : 26/3/2008
Rockin around Turnhout 23/03/2008
After the Moonshine Sunday in Oostkamp it was time to drive over to Turnhout for another edition of the bar crawl. Due to this fact we got there around 22h00 and like always most of the bar were packed. The First stop we made was at “ Birstol” a pub located on the centre square. On stage in this pub, Runnin Wild ( a replacement for Slingshot Bikini ). A well know name in the rockin scene, this band needs no further introduction and like always they did what they do so well, namely making the place rock, on stage: Patrick on guitar, Koen on drums, Jack on Bass and Jorge on slide guitar. After they finished their set we made our way to “ De Lamme  ... continue reading

Added : 25/3/2008
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