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Car-Building legend Boyd Coddington dies
LOS ANGELES - Car-building legend Boyd Coddington, whose testosterone-injected cable TV reality show "American Hot Rod" introduced the nation to the West Coast hot rod guru, has died. He was 63.

Coddington died at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in suburban Whittier at 6:20 a.m. Wednesday. His La Habra office spokeswoman Amanda Curry wouldn't disclose the cause of death.

Coddington, who started building cars when he was 13 and once operated a gas station in Utah, set a standard for his workmanship and creativity, with his popular "Cadzilla" creation considered a design masterpiece. The customized car based on a 1950s Cadillac  ... continue reading

Added : 28/2/2008
Hey, folks.

This year we all get a calendrical* bonus: one extra day of February! Tune in to WMFO this Friday evening and spend part of your special day leapin’ to “Easy Ed’s Variety Hour”—TWO hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll!

**Where: WMFO in Medford, MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (2/29) at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Can't tune in while the show is airing? Just go to


and download MP3s of past shows from there.

In other news:

--On March 12 I will  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 28/2/2008
Billy Lee Riley - Heart attack
Billy Lee Riley has had a really bad heart attack. He was in a Little Rock hospital for a hip operation, and had the attack while he was there. He had five arteries blocked, four at 97% blockage, and one a little less. After the heart operation, fluid began to build up in his chest cavity, and a blood clot developed, so they had to open him up again and fix that. Right now, he is still asleep, but everything is stable. The doctors say after the next 24 hours, they'll know more, but if nothing else happens, and he remains stable, he will probably be around awhile longer.

Added : 27/2/2008
The Royal Deuces a bit of good news.
Like stated below.

You've all heard by now that their gig at the Ace Cafe for the 1st of March has been cancelled. Due to conflicting gigs.
Well we've got some great news for you, they will play at the ace cafe on the 2nd of March.

1st of March: replacement gig: The Motel Men
2nd of March: The Royal Deuces.

Be There & spread the word

more info on : http://www.acecafe.be
Added : 25/2/2008
3 in One. Concert Reviews: Hometown Gamblers Cd Release party, The Royal Deuces, The Hyperjax
Another Rockin weekend

Saturday: Cd Releaseparty: The Hometown Gamblers, Stekene 23/02/2008

A party thrown by our friends the Hometown Gamblers that was something we couldn’t miss out on. When we arrived in Stekene we noticed that the youth of the town was on place to celebrate their hometown heroes. Inside the “ parochiezaal”, loads of familiar faces, new faces, and some old faces aswell. And more friends would arrive over the course of the evening, hell there was even a busload of Dutch people, some wouldn’t but that’s there loss. The Hall was already filled with good music when we arrived there, from the turntables of Dj  ... continue reading

Added : 25/2/2008
Rockabilly Performer, Politician Bobby Lee Trammell Dies
Rockabilly performer Bobby Lee Trammell, whose varied career led him from recording the "Arkansas Twist" to getting elected to the state House of Representatives, has died. He was 74.

Trammell died Thursday night at his home in Jonesboro, according to Roller Funeral Homes.

Trammell was known for wild gyrations and a rambunctiousness that would incite audiences and get him in trouble with promoters and authorities. He never gained the popularity of other stars from the broader region, such as Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Trammell sought fame in California early in his career, after growing impatient with Sam  ... continue reading

Added : 23/2/2008
Eddie Cochran Tribute Night, march 23, London
Hi cats,
We have a new gig in croydon on march 1st, it's completely free and its at the cricketers on shirley road, watch out for the flyers im giving out at rockin gigs, more dates to follow, so its your very own record hop just like we all used to have many moons ago, flattop brothers spinning discs for you, remember its FREE ENTRY...ABOUT 8 pm start till late....... next up is the annual rockin boat trip on the thames with those crazy rocka, rocka, rocka, billies,,, SLIM SLIP AND THE SLIDERS and the flattop elder, me, dave, giving you all the maddest and koooolest rockin tracks you can ever hear,{ i built myself up pretty good then ,eh,  ... continue reading

Added : 22/2/2008
Boogietown agency Available bands for 2008
These bands are available in 2008-2009. Please email me for more information

Sivan Perwer (World-Kurdish) World's most famous kurdish artist.

The Pine Box Boys (USA) (Bluegrass Murder Ballads) August 2008

Zydepunks (USA) July 2008

The Moonshine Playboys (B) (Cajun-Bluegrass ! wonderful website!)

The Ugly Buggy Boys (B) (Rockabilly-country-hillbilly)

Willy  ... continue reading

mail to : boogietown@swing.be
Added : 22/2/2008
Legendary Rock'N'Roll Tour, 1960
Author embraces legendary tour which defined rock and roll

Feb 21 2008 by Philip Key, Liverpool Daily Post

Liverpool Rock 'n' Roll archivist Spencer Leigh

IT WAS the tour which defined rock and roll in its moody glory of hair styled with enough grease to lubricate a battleship, liquorice-tube trousers, padded shoulders, sneers, leers, a few good tunes and panting girls.

In 1960, the Americans Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran hooked up with some milder British rockers from the stable of impresario Larry Parnes. Included were Joe Brown and Liverpool's Billy Fury with the coat-hanger shoulders, husky voice and gold  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.spencerleigh.demon.co.uk/booksales.htm
Added : 22/2/2008
Crazy Joe In The New Issue Of Guitar Player Magazine!
Joe Tritschler known as Crazy Joe will be featured in the latest (March) issue of 'Guitar Player' magazine. It will be a three page article where Joe shares with readers his recording techniques, amplifier construction, string gauges and much more.

Information from:
Ed Sinnicky, Press Manager

more info on : http://www.madriveroutlaws.comhttp://www.myspace.com/madriveroutlawshttp://www.guitarplayer.com
Added : 22/2/2008
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