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Billybop Festival Line Up Complete !
That's right, folks, with the addition of the mighty Midnight Ramblers we can announce the complete line up of our own Billybop Festival # 2 in Bonheiden near Mechelen on sunday June 15. The Midnight Ramblers have been around since 1992, released 3 cds, are made up of veterans of different Dutch and Belgian bands like Pipeline '61, The Stacy Cats and Juke Box Jive, ànd they don't play a lot in our neck of the woods, so we think they're the ideal band to complete our line up, which now features

- The Midnight Ramblers (b-nl)
- Dick Dandruff & The Snowy Mountains (nl)
- The Hometown Gamblers (b)
- The Barnstompers (nl)
 ... continue reading

Added : 21/2/2008
Message from Slim Jim Phantom
Hi Everybody,

I'm Happy and very proud to say that i've been playing rock & roll music with Stray Cats for Thirty years. I'm happy to play any day, any time, any place; from the bars and clubs of N.Y.C. and Long Island to the majestic theaters of Europe. These are my guys an i'll love them to death do us part. We are far the best in the world at what we do. No one else is ven in the same galaxy.

Come check out any show on this Euro 08 tour and you will leave the show fully rocked and fully aware that you've just seen the greatest show on earth. I PROMISE!

Sincerly, Slim Jim Phantom

Added : 21/2/2008
Remembering a rockabilly icon
When a cowboy dies (and I’m talking about real-deal cowboys, here) it’s customary to paint a romanticized picture of the deceased cowpoke riding slowly off into the sunset astride a cherished pony.

Not Charlie Ryan.

In my mind he’s sitting behind the wheel of a souped-up, candy apple red Lincoln-powered Model A. There’s a white Stetson covering his head and a grin on his face. He’s got the pedal to the metal, too, burnin’ rubber all the way to those Pearly Gates.

That’s the way Charlie would have us remember him, too.

The soft-spoken Spokane man who gave the world one of the best car songs ever written – “Hot  ... continue reading

Added : 21/2/2008
Rockin Around Turnhout 2008
Hello folks, here we are again ! Less than 5 weeks before our Rockin' Around Turnhout festival, we can give you the latest news updates !

* Sad news ! Wayne 'The Train' Hancock cancelled his European tour. Due to a schedule conflict with the KBC Management, the Dutch tourmanager & Wayne personally. The Buckshots (B) will replace Wayne Hanconck in the Theater Café 1900 ! www.thebuckshots.be

- Saturday March 22nd : Clark & The Aces (B) - The Mean Devils (F/P) - Deke Dickerson & The Eccofonics feat. Crazy Joe (USA)

- Sunday March 23rd : Hometown Gamblers (B), Boppin' Steve feat. The Domestic Bumblebees & Harmonica Sam  ... continue reading

Added : 21/2/2008

Grand Ole Opry Star, Bobby Lord passed away, February 16, 2008 approximately 10AM. Bobby had been in ailing health for some time. I will have funeral arrangements and other details later today.

Bobby Lord is a native of Sanford, Florida, which was known then as the "celery center of the world". He was a singer, songwriter, and guitarist and television star. He had his own long-running syndicated television show in the 1960s, produced by WSM in Nashville.
His musical career began as teenager in Tampa, FL. There, he had his own television show in Tampa while still in high school—The Bobby Lord Homefolks Show. He got this show  ... continue reading

Added : 19/2/2008
Las Vegas man to unveil Monroe photo
LAS VEGAS - A Las Vegas man plans to unveil what he says is a rare photo of Marilyn Monroe posing as a nude hitchhiker.

A news conference is scheduled Wednesday.

Lawrence Nicastro says he found the photo last year while going through storage items at his Las Vegas home.

Nicastro was running a service station in New York's borough of the Bronx when a man dropped off a Ford Sunliner convertible for repairs on New Year's Eve 1962.

When the man didn't return to pick up his car, Nicastro opened the trunk and placed the contents in storage.

Nicastro's publicist believes the photo was taken near Pyramid  ... continue reading

Added : 19/2/2008
PJ Proby In £50k Fraud Inquiry
SINGER PJ Proby has been arrested on suspicion of a £50,000 benefit fraud.

The 1960s pop star was quizzed at his £600,000 home and is now the subject of a Department for Work and Pensions probe.

Investigators are believed to be looking at whether he has undeclared concert earnings.

He allegedly pocketed up to £50,000 in benefits while still being paid for gigs.

The 69-year-old American, who was friends with Elvis and played with The Beatles, denies the allegations.

He said: "I don't know anything about any benefit fraud.

"There's nothing in these allegations whatsoever, and it's the first  ... continue reading

Added : 19/2/2008
Lohan re-creates Monroe photo shoot
NEW YORK - Lindsay Lohan is following in the footsteps of the most famous blond bombshell of them all — Marilyn Monroe.

In the issue of New York magazine on sale Monday, the 21-year-old star of "Mean Girls" and "Freaky Friday" poses nude for photographer Bert Stern in a recreation of one of Monroe's most famous photo shoots, done shortly before she died.

Stern photographed Monroe in 1962 at the Hotel Bel-Air in California, six weeks before she was found dead from an overdose of barbiturates. Those images for Vogue magazine feature Monroe in next to nothing, posing nude with some scarves and jewelry as her accessories and sipping  ... continue reading

Added : 19/2/2008
European Burlesque nights/promoters ??
We are planning to take a road/rail trip around Europe this May/Early June and we are hoping to speak to a few Burlesque/Vintage themed nights about performing there .

So if you or anyone you know runs a night , please get in touch so we can come and perform for you!!! Amsterdam ( naturally ) is already covered but we are open to offers from anywhere else :-)

more info on : http://www.carnivaldivine.co.ukhttp://www.myspace.com/carnivaldivine_club
mail to : carnival_divine@hotmail.co.uk
Added : 19/2/2008
77 EL DEORA: Thursday @ du Nord w/Rancho DeLuxe, Houston Jones
Peter and Paul

5 a.m., February 21, 1978.

Sunrise was still a dark, frigid hour away in lower Manhattan as Peter and
Paul walked back to the fifth-floor walk-up they were sharing for the
duration of their two-week "engagement" in the Village. Supplied by the
club's owner, the accommodations were, at best, a free place to stay. A
hundred trash-strewn feet up the narrow, unlit Jones Street alley off of
West Houston, the soot-gray building's stoop was always abuzz with the
sullen business of drug dealers and prostitutes. Its entrance a foreboding
preface to the only minimally illuminated stairwell  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.77eldeora.com
Added : 19/2/2008
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