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3 Lost Maniacs @ Ace Cafe, Rumst 10/02/2008
Another Sunday night at the Ace Cafe. This time on stage: 3 Lost Maniacs.
Even tough at the beginning of the evening, well let’s say round 19h30 they’re weren’t a lot of people in the pub, round 20h30 the Ace had it’s usual vibe again, with more and more people dropping in. And to all of that weren’t there, you’re lose, cause this band was one of the best I’ve seen so far. You could really see that these guys, Big Bad Hono on guitar and vocals, Jack Fire on Upright bass, e bass and vocals, Loco on drums and vocals, have been playing together for quite sometime now, with all the energy and just plain old fun dripping of the stage.
The  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.acecafe.be
Added : 11/2/2008
Coming to Las Vegas OCTOBER 2nd - 6th 2008

Coming soon is the ROCKABILLY RAVE USA. This will be held every October in The Orleans Hotel in Las Vegas. It is organised by JERRY CHATABOX (of The Rockabilly Rave) and TOM INGRAM (of Viva Las Vegas). This group is for you to discuss the Rockabilly Rave USA, to connext with other attendees and for us to post information and news about what is sure to be a great event.

The official event website is www.rockabillyraveusa.com and will be up soon.


Added : 7/2/2008
Radio Modern, Mike Sanchez, Zaal Bart Merksem, 3 Februari 2008
The organization of these events has to be admired, cause when they do something, they do it well.
Rockabilly is very well loved in “de Kempen”, will Antwerp has more of a Jive thing going, Just look at the success of Radio Minerva and The Roma. The afternoon started with a vintage fashion show and there also was a barbershop to style the spitfires. De old cinema complex looked like back in the days, with a wooden dance floor, a balcony ( for all the puppy love thingies). Around 20h00, dance school Apollo swing, showed the audience a few moves, and got the whole hall strolling from left to right. This made a deep impression on me, it’s  ... continue reading

Added : 6/2/2008
The Blue Moon Rockers @ De Tien Deugden Oss ( NL), 12/01/2008
We know a bit late, but there were some problems getting it translated.

For us Oss is one of the farest places we drove to, but nothing is too far to hear R’n’r. For a change I, in contradiction to almost everyone who wears an Elvis t-shirt, decided to wear an Eddie Cochran t-shirt. This man has made a deep impression on me, because of his raw voice and his untimely dead.
In the Netherlands the bands usually play 3 sets, so no harm is done when arriving a bit late. The Blue Moon Rockers are a 5 piece band, who get their inspiration from the 1950’s hit parades. They play songs like: “ Teenager in love” from Dion and The Belmonts,  ... continue reading

Added : 6/2/2008
The Slapbacks @ Den Bromfiets Bonheiden 03/02/2008
Another Sunday afternoon in a quiet little town, but soon the town would be transformed in rockabilly heaven, all to do with the gig of these 3 guys from Austria “The Slapbacks”.
Nothing really has changed since the last time we saw them, still double bass, rhythm and lead guitar and kick drum. But this it what makes it a great band, they got their own sound, it works wonderful. As a result of these guys reputation, den Bromfiets soon was packed. Even our Dutch friends joined the party. Some folks ( including myself) had a bit of a rough night on Saturday, cause the zombie walk could be seen quite a few times.
The band started around  ... continue reading

Added : 5/2/2008
Third edition of the Battle Royal :
A no holds barred championship match between 7 of the best bands in the Benelux, featuring:

- THE PENGUIN (exclusive appearance by Eric "Batmobile" Haamers : first Penguin show in 10 years)
- CLARK & THE ACES (= Seatsniffers + Moonshine Reunion)
- THE SLIPMATES (rockin' country favorites)
- THE BABOONS (monkeybillybluesbop - debut cd out now on Drunkabilly)
- RUNNIN' WILD (still wild after 15 years - new cd out on Drunkabilly)
- THEE ANDREWS SURFERS (rare appearance by Fifty Foot Combo spinoff)
- JACK McLAIN (new blood in the scene)
- referee FRANTIC FRANKY will make sure this will  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.belgobilly.com
Added : 1/2/2008
Three Bad Jacks Lancaster+ Las VEGAS WEEKEND+EUROPE SOON
Hey Guys
We are playing Lancaster this weekend very last minute show it will be a blast 21+ We are also doing Las VEGAS this is the1st time we will be doing a 18+ show so please REPOST and tell everyone. It is the canyon Club its a big ass room so help us pack it!! We are also booking some shows in EUROPE CHECK IT OUT!! If you are in Europe and we are sort of close to you send us links of venues or promoters . If we cant find these places we cant play them either! We want to make sure to play for you. We need more shows in the UK, Netherlands
And a couple more German shows
Three  ... continue reading

Added : 1/2/2008
The Lance Monthly

The February 2008 issue of "The Lance Monthly" has been posted, with Bobby Vee as the featured TLM interviewee. Also, my take on Peggy Sue's book:

IN THIS ISSUE: Up Close with Bobby Vee (A rock-and-roll giant of the early ‘60s, who helped define a genre – Review conducted by Beverly Paterson); Ken Muir Recalls Mogan David & The Grapes of Wrath (A Blue Island, Illinois garage cover band during the ‘60s); Paterson’s Jump, Jive and Harmonize (Reviews of releases by Blind Ravage; Majority One; The Way Outs, Mouzakis, Bubble Puppy); “What Ever Happened to Peggy Sue?” (Book review by TLM editor, Dick Stewart); TLM Comments  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.lancerecords.comhttp://newmexicorvrentals.com
Added : 1/2/2008
Back Again This Friday!

Easy Ed’s Variety Hour rolls your way again this Friday, whompin’ through two action-packed hours of Rockabilly, Hillbilly, R&B, and Rock and Roll! (Commercial free, calorie free, and just plain free—take as much as you want.)

**Where: WMFO in Medford , MA (91.5 FM). Listen live through iTunes (Radio/Public/WMFO) or perhaps even the station's Web site (www.wmfo.org)

**When: Friday (2/1) at 6:00 PM Eastern.

Can't tune in while the show is airing? Just go to


and (fingers crossed) download archived shows whenever you like.

In other news:

--The  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.easy-ed.net
Added : 31/1/2008
A message from the Cruise-Inn
Hi ya'll,

Unfortunately Wayne Hancock will not be playing at the Cruise Inn on the 22nd of March.

Due to the fact that Wayne got a new manager and sadly enough screwed up the deal with us and several other bookings that were made, he won't even be touring Europe at all.

Off course we will book another band or two.....so don't hesitate to come anyways ;-)


Added : 30/1/2008
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