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Johnny Cash DVD corrals superstar guests
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rarely seen performances by Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Roy Orbison, Joni Mitchell and a slew of other superstar acts have been unearthed for "The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show," a two-disc DVD set due in stores September 18.

The series, which ran from the summer of 1969 to March 1971, captured Cash at the height of his popularity, and provided an invaluable national showcase for an astonishing array of singer/songwriters of all genres.

Other performers on the Sony release include Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Linda Ronstadt, Ray Charles, Glen Campbell, Derek and the Dominos,  ... continue reading

Added : 31/8/2007
Janis Martin
Rockabilly artist, Janis Martin has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and it has spread all over her body.
Her husband Wayne Whitt has told me that she is napping most of the day in a hospital bed at her home in Danville, VA. She will soon go and take a temporary residence in Raleigh for a round of radiation treatments to try and reduce the size of the tumors behind her lungs, shoulder and leg. Janis had been suffering from severe headaches over the past several months so she found it necessary to cancel her recent booking at the Americana Festival in England. The headaches turned out to be stress related from all the grief she's had to  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.myspace.com/femaleelvis
Added : 31/8/2007
Hi Friends ....... Well just a little up-date to let you all know that 'THE RHUMBA KINGS' will be hitting the recording studio again during October to begin pre-production of the next album .......

The latest CD 'BAD WORLD BIG SHOT' was released last week and is selling fast, with 'RELEASE PARTIES' booked during September it looks to be a 'SELL-OUT' !!!! as it will not be re-pressed .......

Rockin' genius MARK PENINGTON will once again be captain of the ship as engineer and producer with his brilliant 'SOUNDCRAFT STUDIO' based in SouthSea - Portsmouth in the UK .........

It's all 'UNDER-WRAPS' for now, but anyone who  ... continue reading

Added : 30/8/2007
JAILHOUSE ROCK a film by Richard Thorpe
Submitted by Warner Bros Home Entertainment

Last but not least, I want to round of this selection of Presley films with the greatest rock and roll musical of all times, Jailhouse Rock. Well if it is the greatest Rock and Roll Musical ever, is not for me to judge, but it is certainly one of the best Elvis Film in all times.

Vince Everett( Elvis Presley) is send to jail after he accidentally kills a man in a bar fight. His Cellmate Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy) is a hillbilly country singer and under his influence Vince learns to control his anger and put all his energy in his music. After doing time Vince, obsessed with music, starts recording some tracks, but very  ... continue reading

Added : 30/8/2007
Bo Diddley had heart attack
GAINESVILLE, Fla. - Bo Diddley was in stable condition at a Gainesville hospital after suffering a heart attack, his publicist said Tuesday.

The 78-year-old singer-guitarist complained of dizziness and nausea during a routine medical checkup with his physician on Friday, said publicist Susan Clary.

She said Diddley was taken to North Florida Regional Medical Center in Gainesville where a stent was implanted to improve the blood flow to his heart. The hospital is near the musician's north central Florida hometown of Archer.

Clary said Diddley was in stable condition in the cardiac care unit after spending the weekend  ... continue reading

Added : 29/8/2007
Charro! A film by Charles Marquis Warren
Dvd Submitted by Warner Home Entertainment

The Western Charro is a loner amongst the Elvis movies. Although he wore the boots already in the 1961 western film “Flaming Star”, this 1969 movie could have been another mark in film history if only the director & the producers had decided to make a real "spaghetti" western out of it.

The film is obviously inspired on the Sergio Leone and assorted films that were very in demand during that period but it never becomes as mean or political incorrect as for instance “For a few dollars more” or “Once upon a time in the west”. However as said before it is not a typical Elvis Film also. No dancing or singing, no bikini clad girls  ... continue reading

Added : 29/8/2007
Gigsearch Nina and the evil bumbelbees / The three farmers boys
Howdy everybody,
this is a packedsdeal revueshow with

we bin search for two more gigs in holland/belgium or germany for the 27th an 28th of dec.

hope that there are some promotors how can help us.

give me (ronnie the three farmers boys) a call on +31 6 25222899

greetz to ya'll

Added : 28/8/2007
Rhumba Kings news by Diane Sprex
Howdy all,

This sunday, september the 2nd in the Lintbabriek in Kontich...


A great party with double Kings!
Start at 19H


The brand-new RHUMBA KINGS cd is here and hot off the press.
The release parties for the new album 'BAD WORLD BIG SHOT' will take place:
@ The ACE CAFE in RUMST (B) on saturday the 8th of september. Starts at 20.00
@ The Rambler in Eindhoven (NL) on sunday the 9th of september. Starts at 17.00
@  ... continue reading

Added : 28/8/2007
Q&A: Paul Anka still doing it his way
NEW YORK (Billboard) - As a recording artist, songwriter or both, Paul Anka has appeared on the Billboard charts in every decade since the 1950s.

Anka began as a teen idol with such hits as "Diana" and "Puppy Love," but he later emerged as a powerhouse songwriter, responsible for perennials including "(You're) Having My Baby," Tom Jones' "She's a Lady" and of course, Frank Sinatra's signature song "My Way."

Along the way, Anka has helped other artists start out. He invited fellow Canadian David Clayton-Thomas to appear on an episode of '60s rock 'n' roll TV performance series "Hullabaloo" that he hosted, giving the future Blood,  ... continue reading

Added : 28/8/2007
Concert review SEATSNIFFERS @ Kaffee Beatnik, Beerse 23/08/07
Is there a better way to get in the mood for the weekend than going to see The Seatsniffers on a thursday evening. I don't think so, so we headed for Kaffee Beatnik, conveniently located right in the centre of Beerse. Just park near the church and walk a few 100 metres. First time I went to this café and I'd been warned it's a very small bar and I'd better reserve my tickets. Well, that was no lie : I've lived in apartments bigger than Kaffee Beatnik. I overheard that 120 people is the maximum capacity, and the place was packed. You could still breath and move and go to the bar, but packed is the right word alright. The stage is so small The  ... continue reading

Added : 28/8/2007
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