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Not Only Can Hungarians Rock, They Can Rockabilly!!
The dance floor is a frenzy of couples hanging on tight in a whirl of swing and jive steps while Szappan slaps his double bass and Cactus, lead singer of The Prison Band, thrusts his hips and seduces the microphone with "Striptease Boogie." In the song's last crescendo of snare and feel-good guitar riffing, "Kid" dips his girl, her plaid, pleated skirt flaring, and kisses her hard on the mouth. He swings her back up and takes her under the arm of his black leather jacket as she smoothes her Betty Page fringe. They clap and catch their breath, and Kid steals another kiss, his high pompadour outlined by the pink rays of a Saturday Budapest sunset.

Cactus  ... continue reading

Added : 29/5/2007
Lubbock scraps Holly name at two sites
LUBBOCK, Texas - Don't plan on strolling down the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame the next time you're in his West Texas birthplace. The City Council has rescinded a 1995 resolution that created the name.

The vote came Thursday after Civic Lubbock Inc, a nonprofit group created by the city in 1956, faced a dispute with Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly, over payment for the use of the rocker's name at the Walk of Fame and Buddy Holly Terrace.

Holly died in 1959. His widow had been seeking a licensing agreement and name usage fees for the two sites.

Dan Burns, president of Civic Lubbock, estimated the payment could have been  ... continue reading

Added : 25/5/2007
Billybop festival MADNESS !!!
Yes, the billybop madness strikes the organizers. Only one fortnight to go and everyone is getting pretty excited. Some are even losing their minds, if you ask me.
We are all looking forward, and hope to see you all there. It's gonna be a blast, we can assure you.

Billybop Festival : June 17, Bonheiden (Belgium) ....

-- guy --

PS : The picture does NOT represent the entire billybop-team, some of our crewmembers WILL BE WEARING CLOTHES ....

Added : 25/5/2007
Ferlin Husky hospitalized in Missouri
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - Country singer Ferlin Husky was resting in a Springfield, Mo., hospital Wednesday after doctors discovered blockage in arteries in both of his legs, his spokesman said.

Husky, 81, was admitted to St. John's Hospital after blockage was suspected in one leg.

But doctors discovered problems in both legs and decided to schedule surgery later, said Tracy Pitcox, president of Heart of Texas Records, Husky's label.

The Flat River, Mo., native had open heart surgery in 1977. He also was hospitalized for a week in 1983 after suffering a heart attack in Seattle.

Despite his health, Husky still performs  ... continue reading

Added : 24/5/2007
Ben Weisman, who wrote songs for Elvis, died
Ben Weisman, who wrote songs for Elvis, dies at 85
The Associated Press
Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Ben Weisman, a classically trained pianist who helped write nearly 60 songs for Elvis Presley, including many for his movies, has died. He was 85.
Weisman, who had Alzheimer's disease and suffered a stroke last month, died Sunday at a long-term care hospital in Los Angeles, said Barbara Gleicher of New York, who is married to Weisman's nephew.
Weisman, whom Presley called "the mad professor," wrote or co-wrote a string of gold- and platinum-selling songs for Presley, including "Follow That Dream" and "Fame and Fortune."
His  ... continue reading

Added : 23/5/2007
Elvis girlfriend died
Shirley Searcy Delgado, who dated Elvis Presley about 50 years ago during the singer's early career, died Monday May 21, 2007 in her Houston home, apparently of a heart attack. She was 72.
In the mid-1950s, Presley spotted Delgado in the audience at the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport, here he was performing, said her son, Victor Matthew Delgado of Houston.
During an intermission, Presley "grabbed her and took her backstage to the band, saying, 'Look what I found,' " her son said.
Romance ensued, and Presley and Shirley Delgado intended to marry, her son said. But Presley's manager, Col. Tom Parker, decided that "marriage was not  ... continue reading

Added : 23/5/2007
website of "rockin' at the Drive-In Barn" finally on line
Hey there friends,

Just wanted you all to know that our website www.driveinbarn.be is finally updated.
Have a look and let me know what you think about it!!!


more info on : http://www.driveinbarn.be
Added : 23/5/2007
Hepcat magazine release
New Rock & Roll magazine in Belgium available 26th of may 2007
Hepcat magazine, brought to you by 3 students from the outskirts of Antwerp.

This edition:
- the lovely Miss Beeby, all the way from Amsterdam
- Scrapers Car show
- Rock am Berlin with the Wild at Heart Club
- 11 year The Seatsniffers: double interview with Walter Broes and Piet De Houwer
- Rock & Roll: pompadours
+ a lot of extra good stuff.

Sales points: Blender Shop Mechelen
Sinner Supply Antwerp
Barber shop New Trend Antwerp
Ace Café Rumst

Or you  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.myspace.com/hepcatmagazine
Added : 21/5/2007
Fats Domino returns to New Orleans stage
NEW ORLEANS - Fats Domino took the stage before a sold-out crowd of hundreds in a New Orleans nightclub Saturday, marking the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer's first public performance since Hurricane Katrina.

Dressed in a snappy white jacket, the 79-year-old New Orleans icon was crisp and energetic as he sang and played the piano. The crowd jumped and screamed when he belted out "Blueberry Hill." Domino was accompanied by his longtime friend and musical partner saxophonist Herbert Hardesty. The pair have been playing together since the mid-1940s.

Fans who for years longed to see Domino perform such hits as "Blueberry Hill,"  ... continue reading

Added : 20/5/2007
Hemsby 2007
Pictures NOW online in our picturebook!!
Thanks to Mark & Diane Sprex.

Added : 19/5/2007
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