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Jack Rabbit Slim looking for a gig in Belgium
Jack Rabbit Slim?

Jack Rabbit Slim are playin' the Cruise Inn on 6th October this year and we're lookin' for a gig on Friday 5th October in Belgium... I was wondering if you could help out with a few venues or maybe know someone who might be interested.

JRS has just come back from playing Viva Las Vegas, and already has Screamin' Festival and the Walldorf Festival booked this year...

If you don't checkin' out the profile and spreading the word that we're lookin' for a gig it would be most greatful.


Little Josh

Added : 4/5/2007
retro- rhythm ,programme et details
retro- rhythm ,programme et details



Samedi 05 MAI

"Extťrieur "

12h DJ Miss maud
13h DJ El Toro
14h DJ The Squale
15h DJ Batman
16h DJ Jam ou El Toro
17h A 18h DJ Batman

"  ... continue reading

Added : 3/5/2007
Hi everyone,

first of all we would like to thank you personaly to take part at
S.I.N.S 2 and make this edition the best and biggest sofar.
Hope you enjoyed your stay and had fun at the show and afterparty!
Everybody was blown away with the quality of the cars, bikes and displays... and we got to thank you for making this happen!
Hope you got back home safe and sound!

We are allready planning S.I.N.S 3 as we speak!!! But as you might have heard or noticed, we WON'T be part of
Stars On Wheels anymore next time.
Some of you might have not received what you were promised when it comes to gas-money, and  ... continue reading

Added : 3/5/2007
Ace cafe, Rumst 29/04/2007
On a lazy Sunny Sunday afternoon it was time again for the Ace Cafe open air festival festival.
After a few car problems on the way there, we finally got there and found out that everything was a bit delayed. The Baboons were still sound checking and after a while it was time for there set.
These guys sure know how to play, but i must say that the music they play isnít really my style. Donít get me wrong itís good music, but itís a bit too bluesy for me. But since the sun was shinning, and the mood was right, we enjoyed the show.
Next band on stage the Rhumba Kings. As always they threated as with some really great rockabilly songs,  ... continue reading

Added : 2/5/2007
The Lance Monthly

The May 2007 issue of "The Lance Monthly" has just been posted.

IN THIS ISSUE: Up Close with Chris Dreja of The Yardbirds (with special thanks to Katy Levy and Joe Stella Ė Interview conducted by Beverly Paterson); Comments on Last Monthís TLM Issue (Up Close with Alex Palao, et al); Having a Rave Up with The Yardbirds (The Red Devil Lounge, San Francisco, California 04/01/07); Backwards, Forwards, Square and Round with The Yardbirds (The Mystic Theater, Petaluma, California); Jump, Jive and Harmonize (Reviews of Releases by The Early Hours, The Palace Guards, And Green) From Chantilly Lace to Amazing Grace (How  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.lancerecords.com
Added : 2/5/2007
Sins Antwerp 28/04/2007
The official afterparty of the Sins carshow, organised by the Scrapers, has once again proven to be a big succes.
Loads of people found the way to the basement of the Hotel that night. After paying the etrance fee and buying some coupons for drinks ( which i must say where qiute expensive). I made my way in too the airconditioned hall. Around 21u30 the First band took the stage: The Mad Men from Croatia. These guy played a very nice set, which was appreciated by the audience. If you like authentic 50s style Rock'n'Roll this one is somethin' for you. The boys tour all over europe and if you have the chance to see them live you will enjoy  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy/http://www.scrapers.be
Added : 2/5/2007
From The Rock-A-Billy Record Company for al Vinyl freaks

Hi Blue Boogie,

We wanted to let any fellow vinyl lovers know that The Rock-A-Billy Record Company, in Denver, CO, founded by Rockabilly Hall of Famer Willie Lewis, is once again putting out Authentic Rockabilly music on vinyl 45s! Founded in 1982, the company has put out traditional rockabilly for 25 years! HIGHLY collectible, limited-run colored vinyl copies available at:

Thanks and keep rockin!

All of us at The Rock-A-Billy Record Company.

more info on : http://www.therockabillyrecordcompany.com
Added : 26/4/2007
Seatsniffers' Van Stolen!!!!
Last night the Seatsniffers' white '99 Ford Transit van, (Belgian) license plate SQR510 got stolen in Antwerp, Belgium.

On board are a '69 Silver sparkle Gretsch Rock and Roll drum kit with "The Seatsniffers" logo on the bass drum head, a full cymbal case, a late model Ampeg "fridge" bass cabinet and flightcased Eden amp head, a flightcased '68 Fender Super Reverb amplifier, Laney Keyboard amp, pedalboard with guitar effects pedals, and two cases of drum-and other hardware.

Please let us know if you have any information!
the Seatsniffers

Added : 25/4/2007
77 El Deora
Is anybody in there?

Traffic was heavy on Valencia today and Phillip had a long time to study the
Betty Page look-alike in the metallic green '66 Dart in front. She certainly
had the look down. The hair. The make-up. The red and white polka dot
blouse. The "Follow me to certain death" bumper sticker.

Certain death. That certainly rang a bell. Phillip had a lot of money riding
on tonight's game and if lady luck wasn't smiling his way, he was certainly
going to be wishing he was already dead.

Give Satan a ride and pretty soon he wants to drive...

77 El Deora
Oblique Americana: a verbis  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.77eldeora.com
Added : 25/4/2007
only a few more days till SINS!!!!
Hope you are looking forward to SINS this weekend

Below a list of reminders, handy links and contacts

whatever you do.. try to avoid rush-hour! between 7-10am and 16-19pm you don't want to
get stuck in the tunnels or highways... if you do, bring water and a spare
water-pump just in case.
Plug in your traditional GPS towards:
Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 191
2020 Antwerp
stars on wheels link:

We suggest to come to the Antwerp Expo  ... continue reading

Added : 25/4/2007
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