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Billy Lee Riley Fund Raiser.
FORWARDED BY MAURITS - I'll try to get this thing going in the Cruise Inn at the Winter Barn Dance.

For those who don't know 50's Sun Recording star and idol to millions , Billy Lee Riley has had an accident and badley hurt his hip . Billy is now having massive problems in paying his hospital bills after loosing a court case after slipping on someones floor . Jerry Chatabox called me this week and told me the sad news that Billy is nearly broke and homeless . I'm sure that you all will feel for him as we are all massive fans and have loved his records since day one . Jerry and myself will be doin a fund raiser at the Boston Arms on Saturday  ... continue reading

Added : 30/1/2007
The Legendary Johnny Trash, Café T Stekske Arendonk 23/01/2007
Allright, second time i saw this band. Just see a bit below.
Koen, Beire , Mark en Angelo had extended their set and played a great mix of Rockabilly, country, ... .
They opened strong with " Rockabilly Rumble and Trash Jodel". After that: " Here's Johnny", " World's most happy man", " Cottonpickin", " Sea of Heartbreak", " Rainy Night", " Hallelajah", " White trash Valentine", " Ace of Spades", " Devil in Miss Jones", " Killer Taco Stomp", " Wonderbra, just a quick note about this song: L., first listen to what the song is about before you start cheering, it's about how he hates wonderbras.", " Home of Blues", " One more tequilla", "  ... continue reading

Added : 29/1/2007
Lubbock scraps Holly name at two sites
LUBBOCK, Texas - Don't plan on strolling down the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame the next time you're in his West Texas birthplace. The City Council has rescinded a 1995 resolution that created the name.

The vote came Thursday after Civic Lubbock Inc, a nonprofit group created by the city in 1956, faced a dispute with Holly's widow, Maria Elena Holly, over payment for the use of the rocker's name at the Walk of Fame and Buddy Holly Terrace.

Holly died in 1959. His widow had been seeking a licensing agreement and name usage fees for the two sites.

Dan Burns, president of Civic Lubbock, estimated the payment could have been  ... continue reading

Added : 25/1/2007
Rockabilly Day 2006
You will find lots of pictures of last year's event on the 'pictures' page...




more info on : http://www.rockabillyday.be
Added : 25/1/2007
Radio Modern season 2 ready for Take Off
 ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.radiomodern.be/newsletter/rm_news_januari.html
Added : 18/1/2007
Oakcity Jazzband Maaseik Belgium Newsletter January 2007
We celebrated our NewYears party with a rehearsal and a dinner at Lieven and Renate’s home. We're working at several new tunes, so we can start coming season refreshed and new. At the Festivals in Wallony and France we are going to surprise our audinece with more songs in their language and “oorsprong-herkomst?”!
Last year we received excellent videos, sent from different fans, and we are going to make a compilation out of this material. This compilation will be burned on DVD so we can send it together with our CD "Let's have a Party" to all who wish to have it. To be continued...
Like said before, 2007 is already looking  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.oakcity.be
Added : 18/1/2007
Concert review: Roots ‘n’ Rock, 12 januari 2007, Brussels
It was rather hard to find the place where the gig was, no sign or anything at the door, but we got there eventually. Thanx to Tom and Yve for the ride.
The place filled up nicely and after a while it was time for the first band: The Legendary Johnny Trash. For Koen, Mark, Beire & Angelo this was there first gig as this band, but that didn’t show at all. The band can best be described as the best of Koen’s career and add a few new songs.
On their play list: “Rockabilly Rumble”, “TrashJodel Intro”, “Here comes Johnny”, “The World's Most Happy Man”, “Cotton Pickin'”, “Rainy Night”, “White Trash Valentine”, “Ace Of Spades”, “The Devil In  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.yvi.be/gallery2/main.php?g2_itemid=5132
Added : 17/1/2007
Dear friends of S.I.N.S,

Due to overwhelming respons we have more then enough cars, rods and sickles to fill 2 halls this year (but only got 1)!! Therefore we have decided to stop taking registrations from this point on....so,
If you would like to book a room in the Corinthia Hotel (where the afterparty wil take place!!!), you better hurry up...!! Only a couple of rooms left..!!!!!
Also check:
CROWNE PLAZA HOTEL special offers at www.weekendjeweg.nl
200 m. walking distance from the party and the SINS show

SINS  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.scrapers.be
Added : 11/1/2007
Jan 2007 TLM

IN THIS ISSUE: The Passing of a “Musician’s Musician,” Clyde Hankins (A gifted guitarist from the Swing-Band Era with a key Buddy Holly connection – By Dick Stewart); Part Two of Up Close with Mike Berry (In 1962, he made his mark in the UK with “A Tribute to Buddy Holly – Interview conducted by Beverly Paterson); Historic Comments on Last Month’s Interviews and Articles (Hardrock Gunter, Mike Berry, Rudi Protrudi, and String of Fortune); Paterson’s “Jump, Jive, and Harmonize” [Reviews of releases by Susan and the Surftones; The Electric Prunes, Gear Fab’s Various Arkansas psychedelic artists; and Pacemaker’s Various Artists  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.lancerecords.com
Added : 9/1/2007
Concert review: The Groovy Rednecks @ Den Bromfiets, 7/01/2007
Another Sunday afternoon in Bonheiden, the quiet little town was turned into Redneck town by these 5 guys from Hollywood USA. They play a kind of music that’s described by them as Beer-drenched roots-driven ass-grabbin'music, that'll put some dick in Dixie! And that’s exactly how it felt.
On their playlist: “Bartender’s daughter”, “White Ring”, “ Four Shots”, “ Drinkin Every night” , “Bring a Beer”, “ My wife got hit by a truck”, " Baby's Tab"

No pics this time.

more info on : http://www.groovyrednecks.com
Added : 8/1/2007
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