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The Seatsniffers live on Belgian radio :
Dr Boogie Live
18h00 Radio21,
Belgian National Radio

Added : 16/11/2006
Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly Weekend 2007

The dates are now confirmed for the Red Hot & Blue Rockabilly Weekend 2007, the festival will take place at the Hotel des Seigneurs, Quebec, Canada, August 3, 4 and 5th (Friday Saturday and Sunday).

So mark your calendars and don't miss this event!!!!

Nathalie Lavergne

more info on : http://www.rockabillyjam.com
Added : 14/11/2006
Concert Review: The Hometown Gamblers, Ace café Rumst 12/11/06
The Ace cafe Rumst a small bikers pub was the stage for this evening filled with old style Rockabilly. The Gamblers really set the mood for an excellent evening.
By the time they started to play the place was packed.

Songs played in the 2 sets:
“ Cheatin Gal”, “ Tattoo”, “ Searching”, “ Sinful Woman”, “ Shorty the Barber”, “ Lonesome tears in my eyes”, “ Drunk tonight”, “ Hepcat”, “ There’s gonna be misery”, “ Driving around”, “ Make like a rock’n’ roll”, “ One hand loose ”, “ Mean old train”, “ Long blond hair”, “ Folsosm prison Blues”, “ Tennessee Zip”, “ Caballeros”, “ Big River / Get Rhythm ”, “ Rockin Daddy”, “ Crazy  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.hometowngamblers.com
Added : 13/11/2006
Concert Review: Hof ter Loo, Antwerp 11/11/06: Cd Presentation.
Drunkabilly organised this Cd presentation of 3 Bands: The Hellsonics, Moonshine Reunion, Milwaukee Wildmen.

First band on stage: The Baboons.
Can’t really write anything about this cause by the time I got there they just played their last song, but of what I heard from standing at the bar section I like what I heard, next time guys.

Next up: The Hellsonics.
I was expecting some psychobilly, but this sounded like pure metal to me.
This was a bit too heavy for me, but overall a great gig.
On their set list songs like: “These boots are made for walking”, “ Witch”, “ Demon Queen”.

Next up: Moonshine Reunion.
With  ... continue reading

Added : 13/11/2006
Concert Review: Big Bayou Bandits, Den Billenkletser Antwerp 10/11/06
Part of the Jazz&Blues Kroegentocht Antwerp. Though we didn’t get to go to another pub.

On stage the Big Bayou Bandits.
An evening filled with Cajun spiced rockabilly and what an evening it was.
Guy, Cockie and Yves really had the place rockin.
Patrick from Runnin Wild joined the band on stage for Jambalaya.
Towards the end of the evening we were treated to a small reunion gig of the Billy Goat Riders with Chuck on guitar, Guy on Bass and Yves on drums and vocals.

Their sets contained songs like: “ J’suis content d’etre Cajun”, “ La Prison”, “ Diggy Liggy Lo”, “ Sweet little miss Blue eyes”, “ Fille de Houma”,  ... continue reading

Added : 13/11/2006
Johnny Cash Tribute
Iggy Pop, Bono and Kris Kristofferson are among 36 celebrities paying tribute in the music video for Johnny Cash's "God's Gonna Cut You Down." The video has its world premiere Thursday (Nov. 9) on CMT, MTV and VH1. The traditional song was released in July on Cash's American V: A Hundred Highways. The black-and-white video also features Justin Timberlake, Jay Z, Keith Richards, Johnny Depp, the Dixie Chicks, Terrence Howard, Patti Smith, Dennis Hopper and Chris Rock. Directed by Tony Kaye, the video concept was created by Kaye, Timberlake, Rick Rubin and Mark Romanek. Romanek directed Cash's award-winning video for "Hurt." The video premieres  ... continue reading

Added : 10/11/2006
Hi All!!..........
Just a quick note to say our show went great at the 013 in Tilburg, Holland last night....even though I was knocked-out with flu, a good shot of R'n'R and a line of pure adrenalin is the best grugs I ever experienced!!.......But I was back to square one today!
Dick Dale was a fun and nice guy, and that 'ole guy is still as mean and loud as you would expect.....he rocked hard and delivered, and fully satisfied the fans....also making time to talk, sign and take pix with everyone that wanted it.....He's a cool living legend (they're a rare breed!!)
Check at some pix from last night at WWW.RHUMBAKINGS.COM

By  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.rhumbakings.com
Added : 10/11/2006
Coyote Funeral
A film by Jason May

Coyote Funeral

A film by Jason May

It 's a hell of a ride from Beaumont to El Paso, but Casey Cannon (Jono Young) sees that tall green Texas road sign as a challenge and sets out on foot to cross the giant state of Texas from border to border. Casey walks to block out the pain of discovering his mother's affair and to find a way to tell his older brother Dustin the truth. Dustin Cannon (Zach Freeman) can only drop his head and follow: his younger brother needs looking out for. Together with Nancy Kate (Korrine Salas ) a girl they pick up along the road, the brothers travel from the flatlands over the marshes of the East through  ... continue reading

Added : 10/11/2006
Saturday 3 november 2006: Boppin, CC de Werft Geel
Bands on stage:

The Buckshots
The Seatsniffers
Paul Ansell’s Number 9

First up: The Buckshots.
As always excellent, seems that every time we see these guys perform it gets better and better.
Keep it up.
On their playlist: “Electrified donkey”, “Beware”, “ Hot Rod Lincoln”, “ Tennessee border”, “It aint nice”.

Next up: The Seatsniffers.

Even better then usual, on of the best gigs of these guys ( well at least that what we thought)
A bit of civil disobedience and a whole lot of rockin songs.
On their playlist: “ Burn down the cornfield”, “Shakedown”, “ Make like a rocket”, “ This must  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy
Added : 9/11/2006
Friday 2 november 2006: Lintfabiek Kontich: Asmodeus and The Quakes
Due to sickness ( not from the gig) bit of a delay here, so memory is a bit bad.

First band Asmodeus:
Heavy, loud and wild is what describes them best. Nice set.

Second band: The Quakes:
It was the 20 year anniversary of The Quakes tour. Hell yeah, Paul Roman
still can rock the place.
Once The quakes were on stage, the Lintfabriek was packed and after a few
songs people got warmed up and started to pogo.
They started there set with "Puttin' out the flame". The did songs like: "What
would they say"," Ice cold baby"," Psychobilly Jekyll&Mr.Hyde"," Paint it Black",
"Fishnet Stockings"," Cool to be  ... continue reading

Added : 9/11/2006
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