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Rick Rubin Works On A Sixth Johnny Cash Album
A second album of songs from the final Johnny Cash sessions will be released as American VI in 2007. Cash recorded excess songs in his final sessions, the first half of which were released earlier this year as American V, the fifth album in a series of Rick Rubin produced albums dating back to 1994. Tracks expected to surface on American VI include a cover of Sheryl Crow's Redemption Day, recorded just weeks before Cash's death. Cash also recorded Doug Kershaw's Louisiana Man. That song is also expected to be included on the album. American VI may also include the already available A Satisfied Mind. The Rubin produced track surfaced on the soundtrack  ... continue reading

Added : 8/11/2006
The Rhumba Kings (UK/B) have some more news:

* Check out the website for new lay-out and pictures. Some of you might
recognize yourself. If not, you was to drunk or watch out for the camera in
the future.
* The band will go in the recordingstudio in England in january 2007. The CD
will be produced by Mark Pennington of "The Caravans"!
* On wednesday the 8th of november they are the support act for the
legendary king of the surf "DICK DALE" at the 013 in Tilburg.
After Slim Jim Phantom and Lee Rocker is now also Dick Dale on the list.

Most of you know The Rhumba Kings by now but if not…:
Mark Spreckley, british artist living in Belgium, is known  ... continue reading

Added : 5/11/2006
To y'all

Added : 31/10/2006

At 10am this morning, Officer Rob Egger with the Nashville Police Dept. awakened the sleeping giant Mark Robertson with the awesome news that the Shack Shakers' trailer, gear and merch had all been FOUND!

Dumped at a nearby airstrip by the river, the trailer sat idle with 95% of the contents still in tact. Only David's orange Gretsch (NOT the White falcon! whew.) and Mark's P-Bass were missing.

The theory goes that some illegal laborers (i.e.: no traceable fingerprints) had swiped our trailer, thinking it contained construction materials and power tools (the property where it was parked had sustained  ... continue reading

Added : 31/10/2006
th' Legendary Shack Shakers trailer was stolen
Sometime between 11 and 3 today , th' Legendary Shack Shakers trailer was stolen here in nashville. this is a partial list of equipment that they lost. I will post more later. alot of this stuff is one of a kind so please keep an eye out.. thanks

Gretsch White falcon Bound in silver
Gretsch custom shop 6120 (orange)
King Doublebass Road King Red Sunburst with Metal Flake red on the sides.
fender 800 pro head in Star Case rack w/ korg tuner, Fishman Pre and assorted cables etc.
2 fender 810 pro cabinets
orange pearl drum kit with "shack shakers' kick heads
fender supersonic head  ... continue reading

Added : 30/10/2006
49 Special Broken heart Fall Tour 2006

Tour schedule

28/10 Country Bop Vol. 1, Bürgerhaus, Louis Petermanstrasse 10, 04643 Gethain, Germany * All info c-a-t-enterprises.de

31/10 Spookin at the Rattlesnake, Schneeglöckchenstrasse 91, 80995 München, Germany * All info greasyel@aol.com

01/11 Andy’s Place, Hauptstrasse 9, 5018 Erlinsbach, Switserland

02/11 De Kroeg, Bogardeind 203, 5664 EE Geldrop, The Netherlands * All info www.mk-de-kroeg.nl

03/11 Brando’s Beer Barn Dance, Turnhout, Belgium (Private party)

04/11 Going to a Go*Go Festival, Engels Groothandelsgebouw, Rotterdam, The Netherlands * All info www.goingtoagogo.nl continue reading

Added : 26/10/2006
Radio Modern - the second edition

The countdown to our second edition of Radio Modern has just started! And, first of all, we’d like to thank all people who made a second reservation after being present at our opening night, it gives us that good vibe to continue giving you the best roots venue in Belgium and Holland! What’s new? Well, we’ll be driving small busses from Maastricht to Teuven instead of one big bus, just to make it more comfortable for everyone. We start driving from 19h onwards at Café Zondag, when a bus (8 persons) is full, it departs, it’s as simple as that. A ticket home and away is only 5 euros. The busses will be driving from 19h till  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.radiomodern.be .
Added : 24/10/2006
The Polecats, De Kroeg in Geldrop 8/10/2006
A lot of people turned up for The Polecats gig in de Kroeg in Geldrop. It
was the original line up with Tim Polecat, the famous Boz Boorer on guitar,
Phil Polecat on double bass and John Buck on drums. The Polecats were part
of the early-'80s British rockabilly revival scene. The gig was fantastic,
that is rock'n'roll with some balls. Tim Polecat was jumpin up and down on
stage, rollin' all over the floor, hanging on the ceiling and of course he
pulled down a slide projector which was rather hilaric. After all those
years, these guys can still rock the joint! The famous neo-rockabilly band
from the eighties did  ... continue reading

Added : 16/10/2006
Last Man Standing: huge succes in the USA
To all you Killer fans .........

Well , in the first week of release in the US , Last Man Standing and Jerry have gone above and beyond our wildest expectations!

We have debuted at #26 on the Billboard Magazine Top 200 CD'S and it's the #1 independent CD in America !! It's being played on hundreds of radio stations across the country and has received universal rave reviews in The New York Times , Rolling Stone (check out the new HOT issue), USA Today and countless other major publications !!!

But best of all is the way this is affecting Jerry Lee, I've never seen him happier . We're almost finished shooting  ... continue reading

Added : 13/10/2006
Drunkabilly Release Party

November the 11th at “Hof ter loo”, Drunkabilly Records invites you all to a splendid evening with a handful of Rockabilly bands + support acts.
Bands like the Milwaukee Wildmen, Moonshine Reunion, The Hellsonics and The Baboons, battle on stage for your attention. But there is more. A nice cocktail bar, The Drunkabilly Fashion & Records stall, plus the best of the best when it comes to rocking Dj’s. Jens (ex fifty foot Combo) and Dirk Unga will spin their best tunes ‘till the early  ... continue reading

Added : 10/10/2006
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