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Honky Tonkin Lummen 16/09/2006
Last Saturday night in a boiling room on stage: The Buckshots and The Slipmates.

Seemed that not many people found there way to the place, maybe cause there was too much going on that day. But by the time the gigs started there must have been about 90 people there.

Our congrats to the DJ’s cause they played some mighty fine rockin tunes.

First on stage: The Buckshots:

As always great, not much more to say really. Although it seemed that about every gig we've seen, the lead guitarist always gets confused between 2 songs.
They played songs like: “Electrified donkey”, “Beware”, “ Hot Rod Lincoln”, “ Tennessee  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy
Added : 18/9/2006
Radio Modern Invites to dance
Well that’s a nice treat from the people of Radio Modern! We are all invited to attend one of their dance parties, aren’t these nice guys? An to top it, Billybop is able to give a way some free tickets for an evening full of Mad Movies, Crazy Swing music & dancing beauties.

Check it out on September the 30th , when the Dutch band Martin Lewis& his Jivemen will perform for you in the house of swing in Teuven.
Martin Lewis and his boys will get the joint movin’ with his screamers and honkers in genuine fifties style. Saxophone again will be heard loudly in the surroundings  ... continue reading

Added : 18/9/2006
RIP dear friend ...
Some very sad news just reached us. Maddy mailed us that Lukke, alias HotRod Luke, well known bass-player (Blues-o-matics), and a hell of a nice guy, passed away last Tuesday due to a serious motoraccident.
Lukke got ran over on his way to work by a car.

The funeral service will take place on Thursday September 21 at 13.30, crematorium Vilvoorde.

Our sincere condolence to Maddy, Lukke's family and friends.
The Billybop-Team

Only the good die young...

Added : 16/9/2006
It's been 3 years already
The Man in Black faded into the sunset three years ago 9/12/03---Cash you are missed & loved by more people today than ever.

You will never be forgotten your life & music will live in our hearts forever.

Added : 12/9/2006
Southern & Rocking Music Magazine Magazine
Al true fans of Southern music are already aware of the fact that this spring the magazine returned after a hiatus. I would say as usual the magazine is covering boppin’ bands & music from Canada, the States and the UK. But hey there is no As Usual from now on. As editor Marc Fenech puts it straight. “We are going to put the bands of Luxumbourg, Slovenia & Latvia into the high street shops of London”. That’s right my friends, Southern & Rocking Music Magazine is going to be the place to search for those (unknown) bands from all over Europe and abroad. Japanese bands, the Polish scene, the Belgian groups and many more do get their own place  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.sr-music.net
Added : 12/9/2006
Radio Modern !
Hideho all you folks out there, well just to present you a brand new music club in Belgium with a boosting swing, rockabilly and rock 'n roll vibe; Radio Modern. we bring you every last Saturday of the month a grand Soirée with cult movies at 19h, top bands from all over swing world at 10 o' clock and hot dj's at 12! Check our program and specialties at www.radiomodern.be ! First dates are set, 30th of September 28th of October and 25th November. We're located at Teuven, a small tiny village in the Euregio in Belgium, with borders of Belgium, Holland and Germany next to each other.

So be there to check out the following bands :

30/09  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.radiomodern.be
Added : 12/9/2006
Fifty Foot Combo : A long Break or a Definitive End!
12 years of playing together isn’t easy! So Fifty Foot Combo called it a day, yesterday evening!
FFC didn’t stop because of a quarrel or so, but mostly because the band didn’t succeeded anymore in making good new stuff, according to Steven. Immediately he proclaimed that this doesn’t have to be a definitive end. Since each member of the band wants to follow his own side project right now they definitely needed a long break, but the future stays open for reunions!

For the moment the band hasn’t decided yet about a goodbye concert , but it is something that most likely will happen! Probably somewhere around Ghent!

Mr Blue  ... continue reading

Added : 8/9/2006
Breaking News ! Fifty Foot Combo stops
This was just on the radio, but I have to tell it to you all folks. FFC has announced to stop playing together.

More news will follow ...

Mr Blue Boogie

Added : 8/9/2006
Screamin 2007: 4 50's legends already booked
All right!
We are back right before summer is over!

We are proud to announce these FOUR BIG legends of the 50's have been booked to play next Screamin 2007: www.screaminfestival.com


Featuring: CARL MANN, WS HOLLAND on drums and RAYBURN ANTHONY on guitar

W.S. HOLLAND - W.S.'s musical career began in 1954 at Sun Records as drummer for Carl Perkins. He played on all of Carl's Sun releases, including the original "Blue Suede Shoes." He was also the drummer on the "Million Dollar Quartet" session. In 1960 W.S. joined Johnny Cash and "The Tennessee Two" became "The Tennessee  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.screaminfestival.com
Added : 8/9/2006
Pep Torres was born and raised in St. Barbara, California, and
started singing when he was 15 years old. Soon after that he formed
his own band and by now Pep has released three albums: "Rockabilidad"
(2000), "You and I" (2002), and the 5-star rated "It Ain't Rocket
Science" (2005). [CLICK]

The Roundup Boys from Berlin are one of Germany's best live acts. The
band was founded by Michael Kirscht in the summer of 1996. They also
had a 5-star album out in 2005 titled "Good Lookin' Daddy!". [CLICK]

Now, what would happen if Rhythm Bomb Records gets a fabulous singer
named Pep Torres and a fantastic  ... continue reading

Added : 4/9/2006
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