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This 2 and a half hour mini series tells the live of Elvis Presley, from the beginning of his career till he becomes a real music icon. First we see Elvis, at age 33, preparing for his 68 Comeback television special. But The series flashes back to the 18y old Elvis. At that time he’s living together with his mother, Gladys ( Cameryn Manheim) en his father Vernon ( Robert Patrick), at a small apartment in Memphis. Although he’s a truck driver at that time, He promises that he’s ll make it in the music industry.

As a teenager Elvis spends at lot of time in Beale Street, where he listens to R&B and together with his girlfriend, Dixie  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.oskaar.be/dfw/augustus_2006/elvis.htm
Added : 18/8/2006
The August Sugar Hill Newsletter

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Available Now!

"Anyone who has followed this fired-up Austin, TX, roots-rock band since the late 90's, knows that it just keeps getting better  ... continue reading

more info on : http://youtube.com/profile_videos?user=shrnhbhttp://www.sugarhillrecords.com
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Pablo Duro BuzzWire

August 2006 Palo Duro Hot Summer Releases
Cool Hits for Hot Weather
We're feeling the heat of the summer, but these fresh releases are keeping our late-nights filled with cool music and late-night fun.
As always, we look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email us at buzzwire@palodurorecords.com or call (866) PALO-DURO.

The Derailers - Soldiers of Love
R&R/Americana Chart Busters!
The Derailers march on promoting their new release SOLDIERS OF LOVE on their nationwide tour, featuring concerts in:
8/3 Rhythm & Brews (Chattanooga, TN)
8/5 Grand  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.palodurorecords.com
mail to : media@palodurorecords.com
Added : 7/8/2006
The Lance Monthly

This issue's featured interview with "The Lance Monthly" is with Jimmy Gilmer of "Sugar Shack" fame, and it's a free read folks. Find it on http://www.lancerecords.com.

IN THIS ISSUE: Up Close with Jimmy Gilmer (of “Sugar Shack” fame – Interview conducted by Dick Stewart); Buffalo Bill is Defunct (The loss of one of New Mexico’s Unsung Heroes – by Charles “Chas” Pike); Beverly Paterson’s “Jump, Jive, and Harmonize (Reviews of releases by Maypole and Leathercoated Minds); An Interview with Graham Sclater (author of “Ticket to Ride” – Interview conducted by Mike Dugo); (MuzikMan’s The Lance Monthly Album Pick of the  ... continue reading

Added : 7/8/2006
Concert review: Rockin at the Drive-in Barn, Oost-Eeklo.
After the BBBBBQ on Saturday ( Thanx for the invite Guy and all the good cares). We arrived at the Barn a bit late and with a slight hangover.

At the square in front of the hall some very nice cars and bikes were parked. Great to see so many classics and rods.
First band: The hydrosonics, these guy played a great set of surf tunes, like “ Wipe Out”.
Next up; Earl & The Overtones. These guys from France played an excellent set with songs like: “ Bo Diddley”, “ Jeanie”, “ Suzy”, “ Worrying Kind”, “ Tornado”, “ I’m a man”.
Due to the set up of the barn, the sound suffered from feedback. The organization promised that next  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy/
Added : 7/8/2006
Concert review “ Rock’n’ Roll Meeting” Eindhoven.
We know a little late, but as some of you might have noticed, it’s vacation time.

Under a blistering sun we drove to Eindhoven, for yet again another Rockabilly Meeting.
The kick off was given by Catslappin Chrissy, good as usual, they played songs like: “ Mama’s here”, “Gonna Rock My Baby Tonight”, “ Bop Stop”, “Gunning for the dog”, “ Jackosn”, Bigelow 6-200” & “ My Boy Elvis”.
The second band of the day: Mac taple. This guys are clearly very loved, since the croiwd suddenly doubled in numbers. This band plays a lot, but espacialy well played covers like: “ Something Else”, “ Mona Lisa”, “ Rockabilly rebel”, “ Be Bop a Lula”,  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy/
Added : 7/8/2006
Today I got the sad message that my long time friend Jimmy The Kid,
aka Jim Kirk, aka Jim Kirkland, has died from a heart attack. The
message scared the living daylights out of me, so I phoned up Pat at
their home and she sadly confirmed that Jim had died.
Jim was the driving force of No Club Records & Productions who
released great rockabilly recordings by Tex Rubinowitz and Bob E.
Rock. He also recorded a 45 himself "Santa's Saturday Night" b/w
"Rudolp The Red Nosed Reindeer". Before that he was involved with
Ripsaw Records, well known of the fabulous releases by Louie Setzer
And Appalachian Mt. Boys, Billy  ... continue reading

Added : 7/8/2006
Concert review: Sjock weekend 8 & 9 Juli 2006
Man what a weekend this was.
For us it started at Saturday.
We arrived at 18u00, so a half hour later we ( and everyone else) were asked to leave the festival site.
After a round trip to the entrance we were back again.
Opening at the titty twister: The Stacy Cats, playing straight up rockabilly. They got the job to set the mood for the rest of the evening, and it worked well. Playing a nice version of "Jungle Rock" and "Mercy".
After them Catslappin Chrissy, slowing down the paste a little bit but great gig. Then 45 RPM, or as we called it that evening, the main reason to join the navy. These German cats and kitten got the  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy/http://www.sjock.comhttp://www.prutten.photosite.com/sjockfestival1/
Added : 10/7/2006
Concert review: 1ste Rockabilly Blast 25 June 2006
The event took place on a big field across the DAF factory in Eindhoven.

Opening the afternoon: Mad Fred & The Maniacs.
These guys put up a very nice show, well especially the bassplayer. Now we understand where the band name came from.
Played songs like: “ Watch Dog”, “ Rockabilly rebel”, “Brand New Cadillac”, “Bop Pretty Baby”, “ “Well I Knocked Bim Bam”, “ Ain’t nobody here but us Chickens”,” “Look at that girl”, “ Everybody’s rockin but me”, “ Buzz Buzz a diddle it”, “ All I can do is cry”, “ Barking up the wrong tree”

After that it was time for the Slapbacks, A name that must sound familiar to regular visitors.
They  ... continue reading

Added : 26/6/2006
Screamin Festival 2007
Mark your calendares for next year's Screamin Fest & Rock And Roll Holidays

Calella - Barcelona
From the 5th to the 12th of June 2007
The Screamin' festival is held the 8th and 9th

more info on : http://www.screaminfestival.com
Added : 22/6/2006
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Saturday July 11
  • CANCELLED CORONA Rock around Giethoorn 2020

  • Sunday July 12
  • CANCELLED CORONA Rock around Giethoorn 2020

  • Friday July 17
  • CANCELLED CORONA Rockin' The Joint (UK) (pre party meeting Wilhelmina Eindhoven)

  • Saturday July 18
  • CANCELLED CORONA 15e int. Rock 'n Roll meeting Wilhelminaplein Eindhoven

  • Tuesday July 21
  • The Billygoat Riders

  • Saturday July 25
  • The Billygoat Riders

  • Sunday July 26
  • The Billygoat Riders

  • Sunday August 9
  • The Billygoat Riders

  • Saturday October 24
  • The Billygoat Riders

  • Saturday November 7
  • 4e editie Rockabilly Zilst, barcrawl met 5 bands in Zeelst Veldhoven

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