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FRIDAY MARCH 17, 2006 - Big Easy Inn (Berlin, Germany) Chris Black, Wild Bob Burgos and Uncle_B.
Big Easy Inn, Dudenstr. 32, 10965 Berlin.
The band starts playing at 9.30 pm.
Record Hop by DJ Chrille!

SATURDAY MARCH 18, 2006 (Arsenaal Theater, Vlissingen, NL) >>> 4TH DUTCH TEDDY BOY WEEKEND <<< Shotgun, featuring Wild Bob Burgos (UK) Lou Cifer & The Hellions (Ger) Chris Black (Black Cat) (UK) & Wild Bob Burgos (UK) Ronnie Nightingale & The Haydocks (NL)
'57 Fairlane (NL)
+ Friday Night Pre-Party at De Piek, Vlissingen with Black Raven & Wildcats

SUNDAY MARCH 19, 2006 - Caddy's Diner  ... continue reading

Added : 9/3/2006
Don Willis died
Don Willis died on March 1st in Memphis at age 73. Don recorded a great rockabilly single on Satellite Records in 1957: Boppin' High School Baby / Warrior Sam (Satellite S-101 first serie). It was a local hit then and now it's still a dance floor hit on the Rockabilly record hops.
Rest in peace, Don!

Check out the link below and click on the microphone to hear a part of some of his songs.

more info on : http://rcs.law.emory.edu/rcs/artists/w/will7000.htm
Added : 9/3/2006
3 Lost Maniacs: New album
Will be released by Iscream Records on the 18th of march 2006

More info soon.

Added : 9/3/2006
New Album: The Caravans, No Mercy
It's 2006...THE CARAVANS were formed in 1983...Twenty three years on and 11studio albums later
The guys are still as vibrant as ever.Roots firmly lodged in the Rockabilly
ideal, they have developed into an up date, progressive Psychobilly/Nu
Rockabilly trio with elements of old school British Punk giving an edge to
their modern re-inventive style

New album NO MERCY is melodic, but hard to the bone & will leave you
breathless.It's pace and rhythmic skitzophrenia will have you on the edge ,
but wanting more!..Co produced by Rich Tamblyn(Lou rhodes,6 th Ditch) to
standard only fitting in todays developing  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.drunkabilly.com
Added : 9/3/2006
Cruisers Rock’n’Roll-club (from France)
The French Rock’n’Roll club Cruisers (from Béthune) are on line now with a website.
Real great work, their site. Great music and a lot of animation. Don’t fall out of your chair when you click on “contacts” and see Spiderman and his buddy’s dancing on Crazy Cavan’s version of “Boogie Woogie Country Girl”…!

Put the volume on maximum, take a tour on their site and be sure to check out their upcoming concerts!

more info on : http://www.the-cruisers.com/
Added : 6/3/2006
Lance Monthly, March Issue

The March issue of “The Lance Monthly” has been posted, and as usual, to read, go to:

IN THIS ISSUE: Up Close with Michael Rincon of The Blendells (Bassist and leader of an East L.A. Chicano band that made its mark nationally in the mid – ‘60s with “La La La La La” – Interviewed by Dick Stewart); Paterson’s “Jump, Jive, and Harmonize” (reviews of releases by Roger Bunn, The Electric Prunes, Cats & Jammer); An Interview with Larry Blanks and Jim Harris (members of Chattanooga’s early ‘60s standout rock-and-roll band, The Squires – Interviewed by Mike Dugo); MuzikMan’s Lance Monthly  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.lancerecords.com
Added : 28/2/2006
Antwerp was rockin last weekend
Weekend review ( 24, 25, 26 Feb. 2006):

It seemed that Antwerp was the place to be last weekend:

Friday: The Greasy Rockabilly Trio, Cafe Zeezicht, Antwerp.

The Greasy Rockabilly Trio consist of Patrick Ouchène, Koen Verbeeck, Lenn Dauphin.
This one time band played a set consisting of covers. So before the gig they had a quick run trough all the numbers they know to see witch one to play.
Ranging from Johnny Cash, Elvis to Runnin wild. The band was joined on stage by Bjorn E. to perform their own version of Honk Tonk Man. Later that evening Martine Van Hoof joined the band on stage for “ Mercy” It seemed that  ... continue reading

more info on : http://home.zonnet.nl/johnlucy/
Added : 27/2/2006
Concert review: Moonshine reunion Saturday 18 februari 2006 Keerbergen.
Another weekend to go, so this time went to a gig in Keerbergen ( yeah that’s were Jacques Vermeire lives). Didn’t see much funny faces tough.
Café Graffity is a small pub located on the first floor, so for the band it was an effort to get their equipment upstairs. Moonshine Reunion had an interim guitarist, Walter Broes ( Seatsniffers frontman), with them. They didn’t rehearse with him, but the gig was great, only one songs that didn’t go all the way to the end.
They played 2 sets of about 45 min. Included in these sets: “Enough is enough”, “Coming home” “Come on”, “Marie Marie” ,“ Blame it on the moonshine”, “Boogie time”, “ Unkown  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.moonshinereunion.com
Added : 20/2/2006
Ray Barretto : R I P
International renowned percussion artist, Ray Barretto died at the age of 76 in New York.
For 4 decades long he was redefining the boundaries of modern Jazz & Afro Caribbean Jazz.
He was also responsible for putting Salsa music in the spotlight. By the sixties he started to re-invent classic rhythms like the Charanga & the Pachanga by putting some jazz elements in it. Moving to Jazz, he worked together with the people like Dizzy Gillespie, Cannonball Adderley, Cal Tjader and Wes Montgomery as session percussionist on many of their albums.

His Latin Jazz tunes like “El Watutsi”, “Bogaloo con Soul” and “Acid” are world famous  ... continue reading

Added : 18/2/2006
Slim Jim Phantom
I've just been informed that Slim Jim Phantom will be preforming at De Kroeg once more.
Better start ordering your tickets.

more info on : http://www.slimjimphantom.comhttp://www.hop.to/dekroeg
Added : 14/2/2006
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