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Mr. P. & The Cadillacs
"Mister P and the Cadillacs", seven musicians from Leuven play fifties/sixties music. Five singers, means Doo Wop, I'd say!! Shooby Doo Do Waaahh as they name it!
Check 'em out, write to Marc Segal for more information!!

mail to : marc.segal@telenet.be
Added : 12/6/2005
Boppin’ Up North
This CD is a compilation of 24 tracks from 8 neo-rockabilly & rock’n’roll bands from Norway. Each band is represented with 3 tracks. I really like this formula. It’s a nice travel guide on the Norwegian neo-rockabilly scene. The songs are partly modern neo-rockabilly with an accent on rock and partly music as on the 80’s neo-rockabilly compilations on labels such as Rockhouse Records.
Built For Speed is a trio, who plays tough neo-rockabilly-rock. The talented Gretsch-guitar player, Anders Westhagen, is also known from the famous Norwegian Teddy Boy-band, the Teencats. His 16 year old son, Andreas Reiten Westhagen, plays the drums, while  ... continue reading

Added : 3/6/2005
Every Rocker should have one !
These must be great !
Any chicks around who wants to try these out with me ?

Mr Blue Boogie

more info on : http://www.hepcat.se/product_info.php?cpath=58_43&products_id=220"
Added : 13/5/2005
Now guess what mr. postman brought me a couple of days ago? A cd of the Okeh Wranglers!!!
Hihi, lucky me! Tearing up the Old Dancehall is the title. "Song of the Painted Desert" is a lovely dialogue between lap-steel Irene, violin Christine and accordion Louise. Then a bluesy "You got it Coming To You", to the real rockabilly "Leaving in the Morning"!! Too cool, Christine!! Twelve tracks provin' that life is a gift of God!! The recording is dedicated to William, proprietor of the best dancehall in Uhland, Texas.
Jee, gotta check my roots, who knows, I might be long-distance family?? Can I join the band if I am, Pete?

Added : 24/4/2005
The Okeh Wranglers, what a family !!
Mid 80's, Chuck's place : "Hi Dad, did you have a nice working day?" "Way too hard, kid, but how about you?" "Well Dad, put some new strings on my guitar and learned to play the flat B today!" "Jee kid, watch your language!! Don't they teach anything decent at school nowadays?"

Mid 90's, somewhere in England : "Hi Dad, just found a nice fiddle solo on Midnight Rambler!" "Oh, that's nice, Christine, how about the bass, mum?" "No problem, honey, played some nice riffs this morning for that one.." "Ok, Louise?" "Sure Dad, a lovely accordion tune, combined with Irene's steel guitar!!" "Ok, kids, can't wait to play the song!"

Hey,  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.okehwranglers.co.uk/
Added : 1/4/2005
This item is for the Guitar-geeks.
When you see rockabilly bands you think Gretsch-guitars. Nearly every guitar-players dream is,... to own a Gretsch ... someday. The warm tone of the Gretsch and its smooth Bigsby is really great to play.

But I'm a Fender geek and I love my telecaster. It produces a complete different bright, biting sound, something we chicken pickers love. The disadvantage a Fender has over the Gretsch is the lack of that nice Bigsby Vibrato.
But there are alternatives. Why not combine the best of two worlds ...
I have modified two tele's. On one tele I mounted a Bigsby B5, on the other a B16.
The B5 is good, but a bit on the stiff side,  ... continue reading

Added : 24/3/2005
Guitar-legend Walter "Hank" Garland has died at the age of 74
In Nashville, guitar-legend Walter "Hank" Garland has died at the age of 74.
Garland started playing guitar at the age of six and by 12 was regularly appearing on radio shows.
When he was 19, Hank had a million selling hit with the country tune ’Sugar Foot Rag’.
Later he played with The Everly Brothers’, Roy Orbinson, Patsy Cline and Elvis Presley.
With Elvis he recorded songs as ‘Little sister’ and ‘Big Hunk of Love’.
In addition to performing with Elvis and other Nashville stars, Garland was at the forefront
of the rock 'n' roll movement and enjoyed a successful career as  ... continue reading

Added : 4/1/2005
Don't forget to check Yvieboy's Cajun Corner regularly, it's really worth your visite !!! Quite a masterpiece, bro !!!!

Added : 20/12/2004
Phillipe Dupont
Phillipe Dupont, rocker to the bone, and regular visitor of The Cruise Inn, died on Saturday, 11th December at the age of 45..
He's leavin' two kids behind... May he rest in peace!!!!

Added : 17/12/2004
'Beverly Hillbillies' Singer Scoggins Dies in L.A.
Country and Western singer Jerry Scoggins, whose baritone rendition of the theme song of "The Beverly Hillbillies" became one of television's favorite tunes, has died in Los Angeles at age 93, his family said on Thursday.
The Texas-born Scoggins, who as a member of the Cass County Boys backed up singing cowboy Gene Autry in movies, radio and television, was working as a stockbroker and singing only on weekends when he was approached by the show's producers to sing "The Ballad of Jed Clampett" for the "Hillbillies" pilot in 1962
The song, which also featured bluegrass musicians Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs, made the national Hit Parade.  ... continue reading

Added : 11/12/2004
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