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Belgian Dixie Kings !!!
Belgium is very proud, and justifiably, of its chocolate, its beer, Clijsters and Hénin!!!
Well, I can assure you there is much more than that!! Take my wisdom, for example, ... hum, let's skip that one... How about The Belgian Dixie Kings??
Four damn good top musicians, Frank, Danny, Patrick and Carlo formed a dixieland-band. They dress themselves in very original New Orleans outfit, and make you travel through the time, back to the 20's.
Visit their website, and keep an eye on their moves...

more info on : http://www.belgiandixiekings.com
Added : 24/10/2004
Hackberry Ramblers bass player dead at 79
John A. "Johnny" Faulk, bass player from the Hackberry Ramblers, died Sunday at a Lake Charles Hospital after falling ill unexpectedly earlier in the week. The Hackberry Ramblers exist since 1933, but Faulk joined around 1979. Although the band celebrated its 70th anniversary last year, it won national acclaim in more recent years, with a Grammy nomination and a film on PBS earlier this year, "Make'em Dance: the Hackberry Ramblers Story."
Faulk had performed as recently as last weekend in New Orleans when the band played a fais-do-do at Tipitina's dance hall and at the Prytania Theatre, following a showing of the film.He was one of the youngest  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.hackberryramblers.com/
Added : 20/10/2004
The Texas Honkiest Tonkiest Rockabilly Band , Two Tons Of Steel play the perfect Country-Rockabilly combination , a sensational American 5-piece who blend together guitar twangin' Country Music with slap-bass driven Rockabilly. The result is a superb brand of stripped down Country-Billy Bop...
They'll be on tour next year, I'll search for more information if you ask me...

more info on : http://www.twotons.com
Added : 15/10/2004
Mule Skinner from Austria
Mario "Mr Mule" David and his band, Mule Skinner, is looking for a label to support his band. They play a mixture of rock'nroll, country and blues...
Check 'em out !!!! Jodelahitieeeeeeeeeee

more info on : http://www.muleskinner.at/
Added : 28/9/2004
The Be Bops
Wanna know more about the Be Bops? Or as they say : "Wanna be connected with the world of this fantastic rockabilly band?", their web site is on line from now on.

more info on : http://www.bebops.org/
Added : 10/9/2004
Hey hey, looks like The Slipmates did impress our webmaster a damn lot !!!!!! Right said, Guy!!
Honestly, what impressed ME the most, was the huge headache the day after. Dutch people sure know how to party, but it's about time they learn how to brew good beer!!!!!!

Added : 7/9/2004
The Slipmates
You all know that song from The Paladins "slip slip slip slip slippin' in ... ". Well from now on I've got my own version "slip slip slip slip slipmates ... ".
Yesterday I had the privilege to see "The Slipmates" in actions at the "Rockin' around Geldrop 2004" event.
I have to confess, I didn't know these guys ... till yesterday, that is. A nice crossover of Rockabilly, country, hillbilly and a lot of all the other goodies. They played a great set of classics with a pinch of slipmates-interpretation. And they left those nice rough edges in place, just the way it should be. But, as usual, it's the special and the daring stuff that keeps  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.slipmates.be
mail to : bookings@slipmates.be
Added : 6/9/2004
Daryl Haywood Combo
Kari Kunnas proudly presents us his band "Daryl Haywood Combo"... Finland it is!!! They play '50's style rockabilly and just released their first promo cd "Crazy Rhythm Rock"!!!
Wanna hear some tracks?

Cheers, Kari !!

more info on : http://www.darylhaywoodcombo.com/
Added : 25/8/2004
Moonshine Reunion !
If you've never heard of "Moonshine Reunion", shame on you!! ... or haven't you been following "the adventures of the ex Fab Frankies"? This 5 headed (Belgian) band, 4 ex "Fabulous Frankies" strengthened with the guitar picking of "Bart De Boeck" (ex Swampdolls), sure knows how to rock. Their demo is a real beauty, a mix of swamp-blues, rockabilly and hillbilly. Years of stage experience, a huge musical knowledge, and a healthy attitude results in a hell of a show.
It's about time to see them performing!! Visit their website or check "events" on billybop to see if you can catch a show near to your place.

more info on : http://www.moonshinereunion.com
mail to : info@moonshinereunion.com
Added : 6/8/2004
This is the title of a compilation album that will be released this month !!! Crazy Legs from Brazil, Taggy Tones from Denmark, The Gamma Rays from USA, Johnny Black from Australia and many many others from all different countries.....

Hey, next year, I'll be on the cd as well : Chuckaroony from Kuala Lumpur !!!!!!!

Can't wait to hear the stuff, Fabio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added : 4/8/2004
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