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RAZOR REEL....... scary movies.....
New on Billybop website : Razor Reel !!!!! Everything you want to know about fifties movies, horror movies, actors and actresses... Excellent work, made by Guy, Bal and Patje!! Well done !!

Added : 30/4/2004
What happened to one-eyed Fred? This is what Paul Barrett told us : "It is sad news indeed but Freddie 'Fingers' Lee has had another stroke. He had to advise me to cancel all his bookings for the foreseeable future. This is a day I hoped never to see, but Fred has hung up his rock' n' roll shoes. We
can only hope he will be able to put them on again some day".

Added : 26/4/2004
Jimmy Martin not too well !!!
Jimmy was diagnosed with bladder cancer March 16th and will be having radiation therapy daily
for 6 weeks and also have Chemotherapy once a week for 6 weeks starting March 30, 2004

We're all supporting you, King of Bluegrass !!!!!!!

Added : 24/4/2004
Dave & Deke Reunion!!!
Deke announced during his set at VLV that Dave and Deke are committed to play VLV and Green Bay next year!!! This is not a hoax, not an imaginary story, its true! And according to a friend of Dave S, the two shows will be slightly different, Lance will handle the bass duties at one show, and Shorty will do the other. The reunion is a one-time deal, well two time actually but that's it!
Thanks, Larry Shell for the information!

Added : 19/4/2004
Ray Condo passed away on 15th April. It comes as a shock, as Ray had many upcoming shows planned, including tours in Australia, Europe this summer and the US. He will be sadly missed, and our hearts go out to his many friends.
We will miss you old man!

Added : 18/4/2004
VERY CHERRY !!!!!!!!!!!!
Very Cherry is the name of Caroline's (The Ranch Girls) new shop.. Rock 'n roll streetwear, retro collectibles, 50's style clothing etc... and above all : a lovely and smiling Caroline to help you getting dressed in style !!!!

Botersloot 52A in Rotterdam is the place to be and open from 11 am till 6 pm.... hum, I need some new socks very urgently.....

Good luck, Caroline !!!

mail to : very.cherry@planet.nl
Added : 22/3/2004
Yeppers, our dearest friends, The Hometown Gamblers from Stekene (B) recorded a new demo, and jee, sounds great !!!! Those guys really are superb musicians... oh? Think I'm exaggerating??? Well then, check it out yourself !!!

more info on : http://www.homeyv.tk/
Added : 16/3/2004
What can I say? Those who have not been to the Rave, missed it !! That makes sense, no? What else? The greatest weekend one can imagine....
By the way, for those who were there : if you see a voice walkin' with the name "Chuck" on it, please try to catch it and send it back to me.. Thanks in advance....
One and one is two, that 's for sure, but that chuck is going to the rave next year is even more sure.............

Added : 10/3/2004
Boppin' Around (Dutch rock 'n roll magazine) is celebrating its 10th Anniversary!!!! All its members get a free Cd, which is a compilation of 25 belgian and dutch bands!!! Hillbilly, rockabilly, surf, .. you'll find it all !!!!
The CD includes a 16 page booklet with a short bio of each band and a picture. Excellent work!!!

more info on : http://www.boppinaround.nl/
mail to : administratie@boppinaround.nl
Added : 12/2/2004
Some real good sources informed me that Belgium's best double bass player, Jack Fire, is considering a steady return to Belgium !!! After six years of living in California and a year in Canada, after sharing stages with Ronnie Dawson, Joe Clay, Slim Jim Phantom and many others, we can only celebrate his return (to be confirmed!!)
So, all top-musicians of Europe, if you tour a lot, and you want this excellent bass player to tour with you, don't hesitate to contact him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (hihi, Jack : Chuck is willing to cooperate on any project!)

mail to : jackfire2000@yahoo.com
Added : 29/1/2004
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