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Another star died recently : Paul Burlison !!!!
Paul Burlison died in the home around 8 o'clock on Saturday, 27th September. Paul was fighting a long battle with cancer. He is the last member of the Rock N Rio Trio to leave us. Paul always had time for the fans and loved being on stage performing.
God bless a great guitarist, rock pioneer and fine gentlemen. He will indeed be missed by many many people!!!

Added : 28/9/2003
An interview with....
KEVIN NORTON, the most notable trumpeter of the Brian Setzer's Orchestra !!!!! Who's Big King Fun?? Is he really moving to Amsterdam???
Read his answers on "Interviews".

Added : 28/9/2003
Charlie Feathers' daughter, Wanda is glad to inform us : "I am just lost for words. It is such an honor to know "That Certain Female" sung by my Father, Charlie Feathers, recorded on Ronny Weiser's Rollin' Rock Records label, is being used in
the soundtrack of the new Quentin Tarantino picture -"Kill Bill." I know Ronny must be very proud also! From what I have read of Quentin Tarantino, he is a God at directing."

Looking forward to seeing the movie !!!!!

Added : 21/9/2003
New interviews !!!!
Yep, Yvieboy and Chuck, two top-paparazzi have been working like hell. Yvieboy travelled on a cruise with Josie Kreuzer and tried to bribe the captain for a trip to nomansland, while chuck caught King Kukulele somewhere deep in the jungle, entertaining King Louie and King Kong...

Added : 17/9/2003
I did receive a whole lot of emails today, all concerning the death of Johnny Cash, according to me the best singer ever!!
He died at the age of 71 nearby Nashville.
I guess that the visitors of this site don't need an introduction of Johnny Cash, we all know what a good singer he was!!
May you rest in peace, Man in Black !!!!

Added : 12/9/2003
The 2-Tones from Holland are known for their unique Ritojo sound and have played all over Europe during the last two years.
Pollytone record company is interested in the band because of their mix of rockabilly, swing and jive! Their CD will contain 16 tracks, of which 7 are original and the rest some less known covers out from the fifties...
Looking forward to that !!!

Added : 6/9/2003
Sam Phillips dead !!
SAM PHILLIPS, legendary owner of Sun Records and the producer who put the names of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison,Charlie Rich and Jerry Lee Lewis, etc, on the charts . . . died at little after 7 p.m. on 30th July 2003 in a Memphis hospital.
Phillips, 80, has been ill most of this year, visiting more than regularly the hospital.
He leaves two sons, Knox & Jerry.
May you rest in peace, Sam !!!!

Added : 1/8/2003
Yep, I did receive a whole lotta pictures from that weekend in Amsterdam !! It sure was pretty crowded, but what else can you expect when The Seatsniffers (Belgium) and The Casey Sisters have to perform?
Chuck wasn't there (drunk 'n sick in bed....), but next time, I'll surely crawl in that hall !!!!!!
Thanks to Dominique Garin for the many many pictures!!!

Added : 16/6/2003
Dear ones, Friday, May 30 was a good news, red letter day! We got the results from the CAT scan that was done on Tuesday, May 27. The lesions in Ronnie's mouth have shrunk 35% and the lung lesions 15%! IT'S WORKING! He was scheduled for the next go-round June 9 thru 13; however, due to the chemo sores in his mouth, the doctors have decided to postpone the 3rd treatment until the week of June 16. There are 5 more to go. This delay will give him another week to enjoy the surge of energy he's presently experiencing as well as allow him to gain more weight. In the past two weeks he has gone from 120 pounds to 125.5 pounds! No easy feat when you can't  ... continue reading

Added : 13/6/2003
Dewey Terry passed away..
Dewey Terry, who has died aged 65, was one half of the pioneering rock'n'roll duo Don & Dewey.
Terry was born in Los Angeles, the son of a Santa Fe railroad porter. His family moved to Pasadena in 1940 and he learned piano at St Andrew's Catholic school.
It was in 1949 that Terry heard Don "Sugarcane" Harris practising guitar. Doo-wop was the predominant music form among black teenagers, and in 1955 Terry, Harris and four friends formed the doo-wop group, the Squires. Then, in 1956, Harris and Terry formed Don & Dewey, because, recalled Terry, there were too many people in the Squires to make any money.
For the duo, rhythm and blues  ... continue reading

Added : 23/5/2003
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