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June Carter Cash, the wife of country giant Johnny Cash, died Thursday of complications from heart surgery. She was 73.
She died at a hospital with her husband of 35 years and family members at her bedside, manager Lou Robin said. She had been critically ill after May 7 surgery to replace a heart valve. A singer, songwriter, musician, actress and author, June Carter Cash performed with her husband on record and on stage, doing songs like "Jackson" and "If I Were a Carpenter,"! She was co-writer of her husband's 1963 hit "Ring of Fire," which was about falling in love with Cash. June Carter was born June 23, 1929, in Maces Spring, Virgin ... continue reading

Added : 15/5/2003
I reckon that everybody who went to the Rockabilly Rave 2002 remembers the hungarian band "Mystery Gang"!! No way you've forgotten !!! Well, Bennie Dingo lets you all know that you can tune into the Mystery Gang Trio Rockabilly Show, called "Hepcat Jubilee", exclusively online at Rock-it Radio. All you have to do is go to their archives page at: http://www.palmsradio.com/rockittext.htm !! And Click to show #631. It is a full hour of the Mystery Gang Cutting it up with some of there tracks and some other great Rockabilly tunes as well. Now let's all thank Bennie for being our memory!!!

Added : 4/3/2003
Jack Fire, our dear belgian friend in L.A., just got back home after a long-lasting tour with the Swing Syndicate !!
Always thought he was a bit mobsterminded, hihi
About Ronnie Dawson :
"I'm deeply sad about Ronnie, to me, he is the best artist I've ever played with!!! (I just
played once with him, but i'll never forget!!!!)"
Jack will be back in Belgium pretty soon. Hope to see him on stage!!!!

Added : 23/2/2003
Guy Decaluwé, rockin' all over the place !!!!
An excellent bass player, a hell of a friend, according to Iris also an excellent lover, ..... Jee, sounds a bit like me many many years ago......(except for that bass thing, and the other excellent things, ahum).
Born in 1976, grown up in Stekene, sharing a house with his beautifull and most lovely girlfriend Iris. Guy founded, together with his brother (also very good friend) Yves The Hometown Gamblers. He also joined The Midnight Ramblers from Holland and is a very reliable substitute for our own dear Mr Spreckx!!!! Cheers Guy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Added : 12/2/2003
Nonono, it ain't Hot Chicks !!!! Three guys formed this band three years ago, so : three and three, that makes Hot Chickens, obvious right? (jee, what have I been drinkin' last night?) Anyway, Hervé Loison (ex Mystery Train) told me they went professional, so, they're looking for work !!!!!!!
They also release an album after next summer, all original tracks! Keep an eye on it !!!!
Oops, dinner is ready : chicken + BELGIAN fries !!!!

Added : 9/2/2003
Slovenian rockabilly band is conquering Europe !!!
Not only do The Lucky Cupids play at the Rockabilly Rave, oh no, they also perform in Milwaukee, Milano!!!!
So, who are they? "The group was established in 1994 and plays mainly 50's rockabilly music, a mixture of swing, surf, fast rhythm and blues, a little country and western style.", they say.
People in Slovenia go crazy where-ever they play. Can't wait to see them, and..... wonder how Slovenian chicks look like!

Added : 8/2/2003
A letter from Chris Dawson !!!!!!!!
"Hi to all of you, our extended family. I am writing to tell you that Ronnie had a biopsy done yesterday (Tuesday the 28th) and his cancer is back, in full force. His tongue is completely invaded and it has spread to his lungs and is incurable. His doctors have given him 9 months to 1 year. There is nothing that they can offer him in the way of treatment that he is willing to do. And even if he were willing to undergo horrible surgery which would involve removing his tongue and his lower jaw, which would mean not being able to speak, sing or even eat, it would only prolong this for another year or so of abject misery, not to mention removing  ... continue reading

more info on : http://www.ronniedawson.com
Added : 30/1/2003
Anything you wanna know about swing, swing parties, dance lessons, swingbands, big bands, ....
Read all about it on the website of VZW Swingtime !! All that swing in Ghent, so close to Bruges, and I didn't even know !!!
Better buy me some swingshoes, and........... here I come, Baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

more info on : http://swingtime.be
Added : 21/1/2003
Fabrice Lombardo dies from cancer !!!!
Honestly, the band that impressed me the most at the last Rockabilly Rave was Da Gous Ket Ramblers from France !!
Allthough I'm not the biggest Cajun fan, it was one of the best gigs I've ever seen !!!
Unfortunately, Fabrice Lombardo, the bass-player died last Thursday from cancer. He was married to Sophie and has a child, Lisa.
May you rest in peace, Fabrice !!!

Added : 18/1/2003
If you're interested in all what's happening in The Willem Tell Bluesclub, and I'm sure you all are, check it out!!!
Always a great atmosphere... What? Great???
SUPERB, CRAZY, COMPLETE MADNESS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(here : Velvetone on the picture)

more info on : http://users.pandora.be/willemtellbluesclub/
Added : 13/12/2002
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